Saturday, September 09, 2006

Va Va Voom Cafe

This is a vietnamese concept cafe located at Seah Street, it's very easy to locate, just right next to the famous chicken rice there :p

So my colleagues and I were in the area yesterday and we were trying to decide between the chicken rice or vietnamese food, the orange decor of va va voom won out :p

The place is very simple, decorated in white and orange, which made the place look very bright and cheery.

We ordered

Morning glory with stirfry chicken as a starter. The morning glory is raw, abit like spinach and it comes with this slightly sour sauce which is very nice!! I like!!

The crispy-ness of the morning glory stems goes very well with the sauce that's sweet and tangy. The crisp fried onion complements the tender chicken pieces very well.

Close up.. there's fried onions as garnish. The dish is really very good, I must bring my mummy there, she will love it.

This is our main.. Authentic pork chop rice, this dish can go with noodles too. I love pork chop, actually I prefer pork over chicken, but I eat chicken more coz not everywhere makes good pork dishes.

That's rice topped with an egg, pork chop at the side, small salad, pork cake-thingy and fish sauce.

See the light brown thing on the egg? That's pork fats, I like dishes cooked in lard, but I dun like to eat it. Still the egg is pretty good.

I did not really take the fish sauce, too salty and the rice goes so much better with the morning glory sauce.

The pork cake-thingy is ok, a bit too salty once you take more than a bite, but the texture is interesting, there's peppers and other spices inside (I'm bad at identifying spices :p).

Now the lead, the pork chop.. NICE!!! It's so tender and very well marinated. It cuts very easily with a normal spoon and it's so juicy when you bite into it, the flavours just burst out. I like things that are sweet and the meat is marinated till it's the right level of sweetness.

Service was very good too, my colleague dropped her chopsticks and without us getting their attention, they immediately gave us another pair of chopsticks, maybe coz it was not crowded, but still, the attentiveness is something.

Pricing is one of the most attractive part of the meal, one starter and 3 mains just set us back by 27 bucks! Cheap! And there's no service charge and gst! I like that. Plus the whole meal is so healthy, we have our carbs, proteins and fibre! This is what I call a balanced meal.

The only pity is we don't have time to try out their drip coffee.

Dining experience: 8.5 out of 10

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