Saturday, September 09, 2006

Uberburger at Millenia Walk

To welcome my new colleague and celebrate something, my boss treated us to Uberburger over at Millenia Walk. That's the place that serves the 101 burger, the crazy-priced burger that comes with wagyu, foie gras and truffles.

One word about this place.. O.V.E.R.A.T.E.D.

It's bad.. really B.A.D. And on the day that we were there, they ran out of foie gras and thus in order to serve the 101 burger, they will be giving more wagyu. Rubbish.

Now the decor is really very nice, it's a very cosy place with very modern decor, but the food and the service disappoints.

I shall start with the food first then complain about the service later.

For starters we ordered mushrooms which were pretty ok.

I got a shrimp burger, which was ok initially but after a few bites, the spices became overwhelming. All I taste was the spice and the beans inside. The beans made the texture of the burger very interesting, but other than that, the shrimp was boring and I could not taste them after awhile.

My burger came with this salad, supposedly a healthy alternative to fries.. pui.. the salad was boring,the only nice thing was the pine nuts and apple.

My colleague had the wagyu burger, not the 101, it's just wagyu patty.

What can I say? I love wagyu, I love the texture and the flavours, but this place just killed the wagyu. There's no way the meat is wagyu for it lacks both the texture and the flavour of wagyu.

When you eat wagyu, you go for the texture, the melt-in-your-mouth kinda texture, the fats just melting in your mouth, the flavours spreading all over your tongue. This wagyu burger? I feel like I'm eating beef balls, it's chewy for goodness sake. And the fats is not there at all, it's just a big meatball. Not those meatball you get at ikea, I'm talking about beef noodles kinda factory meat balls.

Now the fries are good, it's pipping hot and very tender when you bite in. And they serve in a humogous portions.

Their service deserves a -10. It is very bad.

Initially we were brought to our table by this girl who was pretty polite, but that's about all the good service we were going to get.

The serving was very slow, and as we do not have so much time, my colleague asked one of the guy waiters if he could go check on our food. Guess what that waiter replied?? "Oh it's coming." And he said that without even going to the kitchen to check for us, what kinda attitude is that?? The least he could do is to pretend to walk to the kitchen and then come back to tell us that. Nope, he can't be bothered.

Then the same guy served the fries. You know what he did, he asked my colleague, "did you order fries?" and when my colleague said yes, that fucking waiter just slammed the fries onto the table. What's his fucking problem?!

We asked for ice water once we sat down and it took them more than 15 minutes to actually serve us the water, and the place was less than 10% filled up.

When we eventually finished our meals and asked for the bill, it did not come on a proper leather bill thingy, the waitress just passed the receipt to us. Ah duh.. what the heck is that?! So my boss gave her a suggestion and the waitres actually said, "Oh, that's the way we do things here."

Huh?! Did I hear that right?! These people are seriously in need of some proper service lesson, when a customer gives a suggestion, they should reply, "oh, we will bring it up to the manager, thank for the suggestion." They don't even have to really do it, they just have to say it.

See how bad the service is.. And the bill also took damn long to come. I don't get it, they are at the Millenia area, where all the bankers are, and they provide such lousy service, it's not as if they don't charge service charge and that their food is cheap and good. I seriously can see the place closing down in another year.

I do not tolerate lousy service, if I'm paying, you can be sure that I'll be talking to the manager before I pay and leave. And then I'll write a formal letter of complain.

Dining experience: 0.5 out of 10 (fries were their saving grace)

I'm never stepping into that place again. Waste of my time and money, I rather eat at the food court.

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