Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hog's Breath at Chijmes

Dear Orr Kwee treated me to Hog's Breath for dinner :) Have I ever mentioned he's the nicest kor ever?? hee..

We went to the one at Chijmes and were seated in booths :) I love the decor, it's all wood and very homey. The service was excellent, the waitress who got us the table went into this very enthu introduction of the whole menu, recommending us on what they have and what's their signature dish. I like this kinda service, at least I'm not lost when I face a unfamiliar menu.

And she's cute :p pointing out for kor of course :p

The salt and pepper comes into such cute bottle!! Corona.. I like.. hee.. cheap thrill.

That's kor's main, it's the normal steak :p Oh, that's him in his raoul shirt :p nice leh, I like.. the shirt of course.. hahah.. kor already have too many girls falling for him liao, he needs me to need him grounded by telling him only his shirt looks good.. hahaha..

Here's my prime ribs with cheese, salsa and jalepanos (die, I dunno how to spell :p).

Kor's steak was nice, but not fantasic, whereas my is like.. Oh my god!! My steak was super good. It's very soft, very tender, very juicy, very flavourful. It was very very good. For prime ribs, they usually grill the whole rack of ribs for like hours on, so the meat is very tender, then just before they serve, they will cut out a portion and sautee to the done-ness you like.

I had mine medium well, which they done perfectly, soft yet only a little bit of blood. I'm still not used to the blood in steaks.

What can I say?? The steak is just very very good, really gotta try it to know how good it is :)

Desserts!! Chocolate mud cake! It comes with ice cream and fudge and it's good. Though not as sublime as the mud pie from Stuart Andersons it's pretty good and the serving is huge. We could not finish it :p

Oh, if anyone is having a birthday, you can call that place in advance and they will give you the cake for free!! Such good service rite??

I dunno if this is still valid, but it's for lunch only. Now we only have to wait for our bosses to be out and we will pop by chijmes for a nice long lunch :p

The best a steak can get, and I must agree, the steak is really good. So it shall be the best till I've tried Morton's and Coq and Bull :p *hints to ah dear*

Price-wise, I think this place is really pretty reasonable, we only spent like 70+ and that's with a starter, two mains, a dessert and drinks. We had a 20% discount though.

This place is really somewhere I will go again and again, the ambience is good, you can sit outdoors if you wanna watch soccer. The service is excellent, food is great and pricing is reasonable, so what more do a person want?? Oh did I mention that the portions are huge? I gave about 1/4 of my steak to kor and I was still stuffed! Very very satisfying.

Dining experience: 9.5 out of 10

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