Monday, September 11, 2006

Lo the hypocrisy

Seen the sunflowers lining the streets? When do sunflowers grow native in Singapore? Then have you seen the rows and rows of chrysanthemums? It's like chinese new year, except for chinese new year, the government would never bother to line the streets with flowers like so.

No, we will only get to see flowers coz our government is bending over to impress the delegates. To put it in a nasty way, it's like bending over and asking them to screw us in the arse, that's how it feels like. It's one thing to line the street with scrubs and maybe flowering plants like ixora, all these are commonly seen around the nation, but to put up sunflowers, plants that will only last for two weeks?! The point being?? It's such a waste of time and money.

Instead of spending such money to impress the delegates, shouldn't they spend the money on more worthy cause like allowing street protests? Of course there's a possibility of riots, but that's up to the police to manage. The government is banning protests because of the inept police, that's the feeling they give me. If the police force is as good as they make them out to be, then why not allow protests and peaceful marches? It's because the police is not confident of their abilities and thus putting a blanket ban on all protests.

Oh, that is of course based on the assumption that pappy is open enough to allow protest, which we all know that they are not.


Asking us to smile at the delegates. Think about this, exactly how many people know what the World Bank does? Lend money to countries and then?? That's why I find so puzzling about the whole 4 million smiles campaign, they ask us to smile and they don't bother to tell us who these people are. They seriously expect us to smile at perfect strangers who we have no idea what they are about? How would we know that they are not screwing with our arse while we are smiling at them??

All these does not make sense.

And this whole thing is a fucking pain in the arse, Ah Dear have to be on shift duty and so he will not be meeting me for the next two weeks. See why I'm so irritated by this whole thing??

Don't tell me about the extra income and etc, don't they know that shops around the suntec around will be suffering from decrease in sales for the whole IMF period? It's not the first time that we have such conference and it will not be the first time something like that happens. I can already see the decline in business, Breadtalk at CityLink is actually empty this morning, when it's usually packed with people on a normal morning.

To end it all, pappies are nothing but H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.T.E.S. and they are trying to make us like them. Fuck them all, I shall not frown at the delegates, they are not the ones who are the hypocrites, I shall just pretend that they are not there.


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