Friday, January 27, 2006

Time bomb issues..

I shall join in the fun and make some comments on these issues :p Of course, everything I say is my own views, no one should bother too much about them coz I'm not as well read as I want to be and I do not know as much things as I want to. Plus I got things to do and I can't spend all day thinking through all my comments, oh yah, did I mention I'm too lazy to think through?

So here it goes..

Elected Presidency:: Well I think I've made my points clear enough on these issues.. read here and here.

To me, other than the first elected presidency, the rest is jus a farce.. or is it?

I think 99.999999% of Singaporeans got the meaning of elected presidency wrong. We thought that elected president means that we get to vote, no no, it actually means that 3 people, carefully choosen by the government, gets to vote. The rest of us can just go home and sleep.

So it's not a farce after all, it's just that we got the meaning wrong.. aiyah, then the government should had came up with an education program to let us know that mah, and I would not have to waste my time complaining about it then. My time is very precious one leh, I need to use it to read my books :Þ

An election where only 3 people gets to vote, well.. hmm.. I'm all for scraping it. Since it's only 3 person's problem and there are only 3 votes to be counted, I don't think we need to waste the time and resources to set up an election. They should just do a private closed door one and leave the rest of us in peace. So I'm all for doing away with it.

On a more serious note, the "elected" president is meant to be a safeguard against a "rouge" government, the president is meant to help us safeguard about our reserves. But hor, the Ong Teng Cheong don't even know how much reserves we have, so how to safeguard? It's like buying fire insurance for a house, but you don't let the insurance company know how what's the value of the place and what valuables are inside. So how the heck is the insurance company going to insure you? What should be the insured amount?

The power of the elected president had been eroded to the point that it's really a ceremonial role, so why bother us? Voting takes time leh, why waste our time to vote for someone with no power they can exercise?
Subsidies for elderly and unemployed:: Have not read the WP manifesto, so I dunno what they proposed and I'm not sure what the ruling party countered. So no comments.
Ethnic quota for flats:: Remove the quota and so flat owners can tap into a bigger buyers' market. I think this is pretty safe and not the time bomb that the ruling party made out to be.

First of all, having ethnic quotas does not ensure that racial integration will take place. I've lived at my current place for almost 5 years? And I do not know my neighbours AT ALL. Serious, no one bothers to talk to each other or say hi or anything. All I know about my neighbour next door is that they have a irritating kid that likes to bully my dog *grr*

So from real life experience, staying together in the same place does not mean we will even know each other, let's not even talk about racial integration.

And we're talking about housing here, no one moves on a wimp, there's so much time and money involved. So even if they remove the quota right now, we will not get ethnic enclaves immediately. And sometimes, you just have to trust the people.

Yes we have racial riots in the 60s, but what era are we in now? Can't they trust us that we are mature enough as a nation? And these days, people have too much at stake, we are not living in times where the clothes on our backs are everything we have. Most Singaporeans are of middle-income level, with much at stake, so before they do anything, they will think and reconsider.
Abolish GRC:: This is a no-brainer, I've talked about it before here. GRC does not make sense to me, it does not make sense that I'm in Serangoon and they can tell me "Welcome to Marine Parade Estate". I'm sure that there are other ways to ensure that other ethnic groups gets represented in Parliment.

By electing a whole group of candidates, we are voting for both the weak and the able. This is a good way to help the weaker candidates to get into parliment, but then if they can't fight their battles on their own in the first place, why would we want them in parliment? If they can't even fight their way into the hearts of the people, how can we know if they will be able to fight for our rights in parliment?

GRC is like the elected presidency, just a farce, this time hiding behind the veil of ethnic representation.
Abolish RC and CCC:: hmm.. I always thought that they are part of the ruling party, given the way they work. Now I know they are not. I don't think it's right to abolish them, people still need someone to organize all the farm trips, else all the farmers in Singapore will lose a substantial income.

Also we need them to provide all the cheap drawing classes for the children. I remember those days.. eh.. wrong channel, I had a private teacher, but still can't draw for nuts. Make that peanuts instead:p

Another reason against abolishing RC and CCC, they are the ones giving out bursaries, so till my mei finishes her A levels, they cannot be gone. If not them, then who's going to give my mei her 300 bucks?
All being said, the words "time bomb" and "poison" is really overkill. You don't use a bafflo knife to kill a chicken (direct translation) Dunno why they are so scared.. A case of too much to lose?

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