Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Year of the Doggy..

So so many things had happened over the past 4 days, including eating, gambling and fun fun fun!!

First of all, must wish my dearest mei a Most-est Happy Birthday!! Lucky her is born on the first day of the lunar new year, so she gets double the ang pao!! Not fair!! And I remember we used to go Changi Airport for dinners coz that's the only place where restaurants are opened and she will have swensens ice-cream cake (also the only place open that sells cakes), so good rite? Next time I'll time my baby to be born on the first day of lunar new year also :p
Went to Ah Ma's place on sat for reunion dinner and it's a ... ... ... affair. What to say leh? I never liked family gatherings, there's too many people for my liking. Then my Ah Ma's side hor.. the relatives hor.. All pretend to smile at you and everything, but then back-stab you when you turn around, bastards! The only nice ones there are my Ah Ma, Ah Gong and 3rd Aunt. The rest.. I'm not bothered, I'm not even bothered to atttend their wedding dinners.

Anyway met a cousin which I had not seen for eons. His name is Ziming but all of us call him Ah Beng. Ah Beng is really an Ah Beng, a fat and ugly army regular. He says that he's in Guards, but I think he's really in artillery. You know how some people never change? He's one of them, I remember him as the guy who lies without batting an eyelash. More than 10 years had went by and he's still the same guy who can boast like nobody's business.

Mei and I were so amused by the things that he said.. We shoot tigers in India leh
(erm.. protected species.. and when does we army start training in India? Maybe they really do, but shoot a protected species, wanna die ar?); then hor we shot a lot of wild boars in Tekong leh, they taste best bbq-ed (if I do see a wild boar, I will run for my life. An angered boar is much more dangerous than a tiger. Plus there are only so many boars in Tekong, I believe the army treats them with respect.); Must try armadillo, it's better than sashimi! (Why not you go try out your own meat? It'll be even better, so oily.. yummy.. Wtf, keep talking about killing and eating protected species. What's the matter with this guy?)

Oh, did I mention that he's fat? He's FAT!! Oh my gosh, don't the army have a new ruling where the regulars need to be in a certain BMI? He die liao lah, eat too much boars and armadillo already, how to lose weight?

Ah Beng, man, he give all the Bengs a bad name.
After having that wonderfully delicious but with horrible relatives around meal, we went back home then later at night went over to PS for Fearless. The show is ok, coz it's only 1 hour plus, anything more than that and I will confirm fall asleep. Actually I was already falling asleep. Never liked shows where they fight and fight and fight. Oh did I mention they fought a lot? I just don't get it.

And we only get to hear Jay's song right at the end.. sianz!!
First day we went to my Ah Ma's place again and had to meet Ah Beng AGAIN! This time round he's sianing some other aunt. Actually, now that I think of it, I feel sad for him. His life must be so boring that he have to think up all these stupid tales just to get people to listen to him. If not, no one would bother about him. Man, his life is so sad.

After a super quickie visit (15min max) we went off to do our own stuff. I went out to town and almost no shops are open!! So boring..

Then went Ah Dear's place for a short visit, and off to the temple me, Ah Dear and my mei went.

Coz it's the year of the doggy, most of the dogs there are being dressed up. But hor, it just don't make sense to dress them up coz they are mongrels and they don't look good dressed up. Also they are just too dirty and it's darn hot lor. Poor dogs.

The temple was crowded and we stayed till about 1 am before going back home. My parents are super, they stay till 7~8am everyday, come back to rest then go back there again. Crazy.
Second day went to my Grandma's place and we had so much fun!! I really prefer the relatives on my mum's side, they are much more real and very much warmer.

My grandma is a vegetarian so we had loads of vegetarian food which are just uber-delicious!! We had popian, mee siam and later yu sheng!! Nice!!

And whilst the adults were playing mahjng, us kids played cards. Learnt this new game called In-between and I lost over 20 bucks in a seemingly innocent game :p but it's all fun, so doesn't matter.

Later that night Wenwei and his No 1 came over to my place for Mahjong.. Wah!! I must complain, his no 1 very shrewd lor, very power and I lost quite a bit leh!! Wenwei!! All your fault!!

I realise I don't like to play mahjong with people I dunno. Coz I don't play well, I play coz it's fun, not coz of the money. So I don't really bother to remember who got wat and whatever, I just play and joke about. I love playing with my dad coz I always tell him what I want and he will give them to me.. hee.. that's the fun mah. I don't like mahjong that's too serious.
Third day is a more relaxed day with Ah Dear coming over then us going out to makan and relaz and Ponggol End.

It's also a sad day coz today had to come back to work :(
Fourth day of Lunar New Year, and I'm back at work, with tons of things to do. I want a long break!!

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