Sunday, January 15, 2006

Last Night in Manila

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be flying back to Singapore, the last nite of my Manila trip is finally going to be over.

This trip is really very different from the previous trip, I got time to let my hair down to enjoy and shop!! Manila is so fun! I never knew it, I thought it's only a city but there's so many things to see and play and eat. The malls go on and on, so they're called megamalls instead.

Pearls!! I love them!! I brought tons and tons of pearls, all at a very good price! It's so fun to haggle with the vendors. There's this mall called Greenhills that we went to, they have more than a hundred stalls sellibg pearls and pearls and pearls! They are so beautiful! I have to control and control to not spend so much money.. But in the end I still spent more than a hundred sing on the pearls, they are just too lovely for me to resist myself.

I'm dead tired now.. the past 4 days were conference that starts from 8am to 8pm, then dinner and some entertainment. Today was a massage in the morning, kindly given to us by my big boss, then shopping shopping and shopping!

I love the food here! Coz they are sour! I love the tamarind soup, yummy yummy! And the green mango shake, wonderful :)

Shall post pics when I get back, now is the time to pack all stuff :)

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