Sunday, January 15, 2006

"What are we here for?"

"That's the most important question that we ask ourselves." This is a part of an ad shown on Discovery Channel, and I don't like this ad AT ALL. It's supposed to send the message that we need to protect the world we live in, protect all the other species of animals.

But the way they did the ad was bad. The visuals were good, they were the normal discovery standards. What I don't like is the dialogue.

What are we here for? We know trees makes oxygen; birds and insects pollinate the flowers which bear fruits that feeds us; the greatest whale depends on the smallest krill. So what what's our role? Perhaps our role is unique, for we are the only species that can protect the rest.

I get angry when it comes to this part. What the heck do they mean by we are the only species that can protect the rest? That the flowers bear fruits so that it can feed us? What do they mean? Do we really see ourselves as so important? Are we really that pompus?

And think about it, without us around, is there a need to protect the species? We are the ones that's destroying the rest of the species, killing the world. Our role is destruction, not protection. They really think too highly about us. We are not heros. If the other species fo need protection, it is protection from ourselves, not other elements.

Destroy? Protect? Indifference.. ..

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