Thursday, January 05, 2006

I have hate comments!!!

Haha.. this is so fun :p I got 5 of them at one shot leh, all anonymous.. chey, at least leave a name or something mah, then I can consider starting a flaming war, but alas. So disappointed, a flame war is just what I need now to perk myself up, I'm going crazy starting at all my files for the Manila Conference!!

It's fast and easy to delete unwanted comments, so it's delete delete delete :p Just like how I delete spam comments, done in less than 3 minutes.

So what does hate comments mean? I have a stranger reading my blog!! stranger leh, not people I know leh, thanks for taking the time to come read the crap of a person you dunno :) Hee.. And hor that person bothered enough to leave comments leh!! double cool. At most times I can't be bothered to leave comments even when I don't agree with the writer's points. But then the posts that I want to leave comments in are from the more serious socipolitical blogsites, so no one post comments with thinking through their comments properly.

This is not the first time someone commented that I'm mean to Ah Dear, that Ah Dear should dump me and things like that. Just because I never write much about the times we share together does not mean that we don't share something special. I admit I'm more of the taker in this relationship, but there's always someone in this role in every relationship, it just happens that it's me this time round.

I like this comment that the person wrote "u jus treat him like a god . dunyou... why not buy a dog.. i have many dog.. u wan... or u like any sugar daddy........ " Since I already treat him like god, why the word jus? Isn't treating someone like a god the best-est treatment one can ever get? hmmm.. Don't understand leh. And I don't have to buy a dog, I already have a super cute though jumpy one called Fei Fei, she's darn cute and I love her to bits :p Also I don't like to accept gifts from strangers, so that person's many dog can remind in her property. But how can you have many dog? Does she mean she have one dog or many dogs?? Grammar my dear, grammar. *shakes head*

I like the last part best, yes I would like a sugar daddy, one that can support both me and Ah Dear. That's the plan that we have, I'll go get a sugar daddy and he'll go get a sugar mummy, then we can live happily together living off other people's money!! How cool is that?? haha.. that's a fallback plan in case both of us suddenly become jobless and lose all our morals. Which I don't anticipate happening anytime soon or even at all.

I have hate comments!! (^^)/ hee


b.muse said...

Good attitude n retort babe!
It's the best way to deal with such ppl, simply because..

1. The hater always has it worse than the hatee.. Heh. Takes more energy. :p

2. If you get affected and angry, that means they have achieved their aim, and it would satisfy them. Way better to make them jump even more instead. Hee


Suggestion to all haters: It usually pays to MYOB, saves you lotsa anguish over nothing. =)

b.muse said...

Oh ya, forgot to add..

Anonymity = Ashamed of your own comments? Lack of credibiity? Or simply cos even you know that your say is not relevant in the matter you are ranting about?


Jayce said...

well said too girl :p that person is lucky we never combine power, else she sure die already.. haha \(^^)/

Mess with the best,
Die like the rest!

Anonymous said...

haha... i know you. dun pretend la... sucker...

Anonymous said...

haha delete.. scare people see huh, hten del lo... haha. u are like that ma.. i know want. u wan money i gave u

b.muse said...

Feng, u got offered money!!!!

Heehee, get more lar, then we can go for a nice meal at this person's expense. Nice. =)

Free amusement + free giveaway of $$.. How cool is that?

Jayce said...

Jun, YES!! *pleasant surprise* never knew there were such good people around :)

Anonymous, please give me money! I'm in need of money after spending a bomb in Manila.. erm.. 500 would do, then I can bring my dear friends out for dinner :) Stuart Andersons for Alsakan King Crab!!