Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Want a good kiss?

Your Kissing Purity Score: 49% Pure

You're not one to kiss and tell...

But word is, you kiss pretty well.

haha.. of course with your partner and not me :p It's hard to find someone that kiss real well, it's even harder to find a situation where the two of you are in this super-charged mode to kiss, which will result in the most wonderful kiss ever.

I had that once, and we kissed for almost half an hour.. serious, I'm still amazed at myself. In fact, I blame it on the sea and the moon, the setting was just perfect for a kiss.

My first kiss was ba.. It was more of just the brushing of the lips.. and it was not as interesting as I thought it would be. The second person I kissed was much better than the first, he's the half an hour kisser that looks like Tay Ping Hui, but shorter and smaller version. The third person I kissed was also ba.. not my cup of tea. The fourth person I kissed is good :) though our first kiss was not in ideal conditions, but all the subsequent kiss were good :) It's different when you're in love and kissing. The fifth is ok, but he smokes, so I don't really enjoy it.

Ah Dear leh? Hmm.. read the words in the picture, I don't kiss and tell :p

But I can blog about what I think is a good kiss. Note hor, I say think, I might not have the experience but I can always imagine mah.

The Person. That is the most important thing of course. There are two kinda people that are just great to kiss, first is the one you love, of course that would feel different from someone you don't love. The magic of love will make the worse kissers the best ones around. The other kind of people are the ones you are not supposed to kiss, meaning perfect strangers and whoever else you can think of. Humans like to break the rules, in fact rules are made to be broken, the more someone say we can't do something, the more we want to do it. So kissing someone you are not supposed to adds on a thrill to the kiss. Suddenly a boring kiss will turn into something that is damn exciting coz you're not supposed to do it.

The Moisture. Never never kiss dry lips, it's just .. .. dry. Lips are most sexy when wet and moist, that's why you see so many lip gloss out there, they're meant to make your lips uber kissable. Besides, dry lips almost always mean a dry mouth which would have an unpleasant smell and aftertaste. So mouth and lips must always be moist.

The Tongue. I personally feel that the tongue is way overrated in kissing. Some tongue is ok, but not all the time, unless it's licking the lips. (Gosh, I hope my mei don't read this post, I think she gag :p) And don't go exploring the mouth like it's written in the books, it's relatively difficult to do (unless you have a super long tongue) and it kinda reminds me of when I'm trying to get food that was stuck in my tooth out... eewww. Tongue "touching" tongue is good :) but a bit too erotic which might get the guy to think of more than kissing, so moderation is the word.

The Lips. Smooching is about the lips. It's about two pair of lips coming together to produce the most wonderful sensation. The lips are the parts where most sensation can be felt, so that should be where the most attention should be given. Explore the lips, explore the edges of the lips and feel it quiver in anticipation of something more.

The Teeth. It plays a part in kissing too of course, it's in the mouth mah. You can always use your tongue to explore the teeth, but not too much as I mentioned earlier. And it's only nice if the person just brushed his teeth, then it'll be nice and smooth without any furry plaque (right word?). Teeth are also good to create sensations for the lips, gently bite the other person's lips. Remember the key is gentle, you don't wanna draw blood. Or you can scrap your teeth over his lips.. ooo.. I like.. hahah..

The Feathery Kisses. Instead of going a full blown French from the start, start with light feathery kisses. Those there-and-yet-not-there kinda kiss, very light kisses on the lips. This is a hard technique to master and once you get it, you can really score, coz it applies to other parts of the er... wherever you want :p

The Electrifying Kiss. I read this in a mag eons ago, I think it works better in cold countries, but it's worth a try. If you're in a cold room with carpet, try rubbing your feet against the carpet (you must be wearing shoes or socks) to build up some static, the kiss the person. The static will jump from your lips to his and create an electrifying effect. So far I have not managed to get it to work though.

The Cherry Stalk Knot. Ok, this is more of a "test" to see how well you can kiss. Next time you have a cherry, hold on to the stalk and try to tie a knot with it in your mouth, with your tongue only. If you can do it within 15 sec, it means you're a good kisser, coz it means you have a flexible tongue. If you can't do it, well.. try harder. Practice makes perfect. And it helps with a good teacher.


Kissing is meant to be enjoyable, so if you're on the receiving end of a bad one, gently let the person know what you like and what you did not like, there's always room for improvement. Be not be afraid to voice it out. :) I feel like a kiss right now but my Ah Dear is still OT-ing, so am I :(

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