Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ann Siang Hill Night Walk

Looking at how hectic this week was and imagining how stressed out I would be in Manila next week, I decided to take a night off from work and just enjoy some down time with Ah Dear.

First stop we went off to Lau Pa Sat for my fav pig's organ soup :) and kuay chup :) It's nice nice nice!! a very big difference from the horrible breakfast that we had, it was so bad that it deserves a post of its own, so shall not talk about it now. Plus it's cheap, only 7 bucks only for two people.

Then we were pondering on where to go and finally decided to walk from Lau Pa Sat to Chinatown. It sounds far but actually it's pretty near once you get the right direction.

We were happily walking till we reached Club Street and we decided to explore the Club Street and Ann Siang Hill area.

I took quite some photos but all turned out blur :( I think it's the bad lighting together with the rain :( my camera can take very nice photos one, most of the time lah..

We walked by Windows, which is famous for its Ox tongue sandwich, but then I've never tried it before :p so really can't tell if it's nice or not. Then we went on to Mohd Ali road, very interesting name right? hee.. There's this very interesting restaurant called Ikukan.

I like the logo, the place sounds interesting, I think this is a good place to bring my mummy over next time.

ann siang hill walk -puma2

Then we proceed to walk up the hill, very tiring to walk up and up.. Found this puma shop which I think my mei would love! She loves puma!! So do I :) I think this shop sells the designer Puma stuff.. hmmm..

We saw some more quaint restaurants..
ann siang hill walk5

ann siang hill walk7
I like the way they have lots of vines growing all over the place, makes the whole area looks so quaint and so un-singapore. The vines adds a european touch which surprisingly goes very well with the chinese shophouse look :) Oh yah, Jerry's Grill have a branch here too..

Finally I found the place I wanted to show Ah Dear, the little park right in the middle of these shophouses. It's part of the heritage trail which leads from Ann Siang hill all the way to Tian Hock Temple.

It's easy to recognise the start of the trail coz of this!!
ann siang hill walk-raw
It's a gym called Raw :p and I had an idea of what it is back when I first saw it, yesterday my idea was confirm when Ah Dear looked in (Ah Dear, it's not that I don't wanna look in, but hor, our eye level very different, I can't see what you can see..) and saw .. .. ..
.. .. ..
.. .. ..
.. .. ..
A guy walking around butt naked!! I'm serious!! Ok, let's just give them the benefit of doubt and they walk around so coz it's a gym mah, maybe he was going to the shower.. maybe lah..

But hor, that time when Ah Dear was around the area a long time ago.. he was picked up by this nice car wor!! of course it's not a lady who picked him up.. so.. .. hmm.. ..

But it's interesting.. Raw.. hmm..

After that we walked on and on, saw a lot of lovely shops and cafes and pubs. And finally we reached Chinatown!! It was super crowded even though it just rained earlier. There's a lot of things to buy but I resisted by telling myself that I would be going to Manila in 2 days time!!

We manuevered left and right and left again and right again, only to meet with crowds and crowds.. Finally we managed to escape and found ourselves at Yang Tse.. yes, the place where they show xxx films.. I was pretty surprised to see the ticketing booth, till I realise that this is Yang Tse.. haha.. So funny.

At the junction, we turned and walked towards the shophouses again, despite Ah Dear's much protest :p Coz he was tired already, stupid me forgot that he was carrying my huge bottle of conditioner, shampoo and laptop battery.. Sorry dear :(

We found Hotel 1929 :) It's this lovely boutique hotel right behind Chinatown. I love the decor of the lounge coz the whole layout is super modern, then they put a black and white photo of the chinese immigrants. Very contrasting, and very 1929. They have an outdoor jacuzzi!! I like!!

Whilst waiting for our taxi to come.. I noticed this pot of plant right outside the hotel.. It's those water plants so there's water in the pot. There are little red stuff inside, which I initially thought it's fish, but after shaking the plants and the red stuff remaining still, we thought they were flowers.

But I was looking closer and saw that they have 2 eyes, so it must be fish! But these are the weirdest fish I've ever seen, they refused to move at all!!
ann siang hill walk -fishies
It's only after i shone my light on them, touch them again and again did they finally stirred and swam away.. It's really very strange coz it's not only one fish that refuses to move, all of them refused to move when I touched them initially..

Since I already got my hands wet from waking them up, I decided to indulge in an activity which I had not done for a long time.. I went fish catching.. hee.. It was darn fun though I only dared to catch the babies.. the big ones jumped and jumped which was kinda freaky..

Ah Dear did not want to join me at first, but when he saw how much fun I had, he had to join in..
ann siang hill walk-catch
We caught a total of 2 big ones and 7 small ones :p and yah, we took them back home in the red plastic bag. I have 2 tanks at home, they would make a good addition to my tank.. and and there are a lot of them in the pot, so I really hope that the hotel don't mind me taking a few :p hee..

It was a very very fun night, I just love time when there's only the two of us :) I'll miss you so much next week dear :(



b.muse said...

Yeah I like hotel 1929 too! Got a tour of the hotel once not long after they opened, cos we were considering them for official hotel for one of my prev events.. Very very nice! Rates not bad too. ;)

Jayce said...

but the rooms seem small when I see online leh.. always wanted to stay in this hotel.. maybe we can get it for a night and have a pure sisters outing?