Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No work done

Guilty guilty.. As said in my previous post, I have tons of work to be done but I just can't get started. Instead of doing work like I should be, I'm procrasinating again and taking the time to catch up on the blogs.

This is no good but I really can't get myself to start doing work.. It's like work work work for the past few weeks and now finally I got the chance to get a breather and catch up on the things I missed out..

The past few weeks really had been crazy, so much so that I'm really tempted to just throw in the letter.. I don't like to spend my life this way, life is too short to be wasted on working. But then again, if not work, then what other meaningful work would I get myself to do? I'm not a person that goes for voluntary work, I don't believe in working without returns. See, I'm contradicting myself all over the place.. I think I'm just plain lazy and don't like to work. haha.. my laziness is well-known I guess.
been reading a lot of different blogs and catching up on what had happened.. Even though I've only been gone for a week, so many things had happened.. All the xmas decors are up; the new O2 shop (that cosmetic shop) had opened in Citylink; there's a marine tank installed over at the koi pond at suntec; and so so many other things.. it's surprising how much things can happen in a week.

Talking about the marine tanks, I think they are a real bad idea. Reason being, there's a total of 3 monitors right at the back of the tanks, so it seems like the screens are inside the tank itself, and they are constantly showing advertisements. Have the people thought of the welfare of the fish?? The fish can't complain but imagine being trapped in a room where the music is left on LOUD for 24/7, can anyone stand that? Not to mention the constant flashing lights. That's a horribly stressful environment for the poor fish. Plus water conducts sound better than air, I could hear the ads loud and clear 2m away from the tank, can anyone even start to think of the fish?? haiz..
Harry Potter, I'm going to catch the show later tonight. It's the 4th installment of the amazingly famous story, so I can't wait to catch the show. Saw a MTV special on it last night and the effects are amazing, I just wonder how much is the story cut off for it to fit 2 1/2 hours.

Harry Potter is going to be a 7 years series.. just how many relationships can last through the whole series? Every year you would watch the show and tell each other that you will come back and watch the next series with your other half.. but how many times have the other half changed within those 7 years or more?

Sometimes I really feel that people are better off just as friends, friendships last pretty much longer than love relationships. Friends can go apart and stay apart for long periods, but when they get together, the friendship will always be there. Love is different, without constant contact and effort, it's easy to forget that you once loved this person and turn your attention to someone else.

The most lasting relationship of all is kinship. There's no denying of it as we are all tied by blood, by a common childhood, common times together.. No matter what the other person does, he is still family. That's why love evolves to eventually.. from the passionate love when you just met, to the slow and steady love when you're together for a longer time, to kinship when you get married and have a family.

Love is not everlasting.. there's no such thing as "I will love you till the end of times", coz first of all, you are not going to survive till the end of times, second, people change, feelings change, no matter how deeply you love at this particular moment, it will change.

My love once lasted through Lord of the Rings.. I really though it would had lasted through Harry Potter. I could imagine the two of us wearing office wear, going hand-in-hand to watch Harry Potter.. but.. times had changed and people had changed.

I'm no longer the Jayce that people know me from a year back.. I've changed a lot since.. for better or worse, I really could not tell.. I just like to live my life the way I like it to be, and the way I like it to be is my way of living.

I don't like people to come preaching me on how to lead my life, my life is my life and I live it the way I want to.

Some time back Jason and I had an arguement over my phone.. And so there's this person who left a message on his tag board.. Telling him what s/he thinks about me.. My response is this: "who the fuck are you to judge me? I don't even know who you are, and even if I do know who you are, it still does not give you a right to judge me. Even if we both mutually know each other, that does not give you a right to judge me. My parents don't judge me, so you don't come judging me as well. The only person that have a right to judge me is me, myself and I. And even if you do judge me, read my lips, I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN.. understand that? I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN!"

Frankly I don't really bother about such comments. Initially it annoys me, but when I think about it, why should I be annoyed, no two person is ever going to see eye-to-eye on every issue, so there's no point to be so concerned about what other people says. As long as I think it is right, it is right (of course, I'm not talking about a warped sense of morality here, there's still some moral issues where wrong will always remain wrong.). Taking too much of other's opinions will only drown out your own personality.
I realise I really missed blogging a lot the whole time I'm away in Bangkok. I love the way I can just rant and rave all I like on anything that pops up in my mind.. Despite the sedition cases abound, I still feel that I can rant and rave all I like, since I don't really touch on the sensitive topics. And if anyone is really bothered about the shit I churn out, wellz, that just shows what kinda (hint: shit) person he is.

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