Friday, July 20, 2007

New Addition to the family


Ah Snail!! he can come out of his shell one wor.. super cute!!
Ah Cat!! Kawaii ne~~ and Ah Cat feels so much like Ah Bear when I just got him 2 years back :p but I still love my Ah Bear, no one can replace his place :p
Last but not least.. the first occupant of our new place..
Stinky!!! Can you see his little black eyes?? So so so kawaii~~ hee.. his fur looks black at a angle, brown at another angle, and grey in this angle.. and and he's no way stinky, I just like this name.. hee.. we're currently looking for a room mate for him and we shall name it Wobbly.. They shall be Stinky & Wobbly!! hee.. dun ask, I just like the way that sounds :p

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