Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Ending

We were crazy but it was worth it, dajie and I woke up at 6am on a Saturday morning, left our place at 630 and then caught a cab down to Central Library to get our Harry Potter. The sky was still dark when we got our two precious books and it's off to a cozy corner to read.

The book was engaging, Dajie and I just went on and on and soon, we've been reading for 5 hours straight :p Dajie is darn fast, by 12, she had already finished the book and I'm still like only halfway through, and I had to warn her not to tell me what the ending is like.. At noon, Ah Dear came to pick me up and it's off to run some errands, buy the rest of the stuff needed for our place, then off to get Wobbly :p

Hee.. finally we have both Stinky and Wobbly at home ^^/ Wobbly looks pretty much like Stinky, just about half the size coz he's half the age :p and he's the more punk-ish one, having more brown streaks.. so so cute!! I just love the  squeaking sounds they make.

After getting Stinky and Wobbly to my place, changed their bedding and bathed Stinky, did I get the chance to continue my read. By 11 plus, I finally finished the book and I must say that I'm very satisfied with the book in general, it may not be as good as the HBP, but it's still well paced and all the loose ends are tied up. I finally understood why certain things happened the way it did, why certain people have to die and I think the best part is that I finally learnt that Dumbledore is human afterall and he makes mistakes just like all of us.

I liked the way it ended, Harry wishing for his bed and some warm food, again showing that he's only human.

Was reading the papers on Sunday and it's funny reading how some girl was queuing up since Friday morning, I mean, is it really necessary? I got it at 7am too and we did not have to queue up :p it's great knowing people who works in the library :p oh oh, coz we got it straight from the distributor, it's 25% off the retail price :p hee..

Then there was this comment from a girl complaining that the happy ending was machim like a children's book.. dot dot dot -_-" Hello.. Harry Potter is a children's book lor.. duh, what a stupid remark. And I think the book is already dark enough considering that it's a children's book, I mean so many people died.. Was so sad when the Hedwig died.. it's like.. my gosh, you mean it's dead.. ..

And I love happy endings, I think it's just perversion that people no longer like happy endings. Ok, it's cliché but it also brings hope, the world is depressing as it is, why do we have to perpetuate it? I like the ending coz the book really shows that ordinary people can do extraordinary things and both Harry and Dumbledore are humans just like us, they make mistakes but they also work to amend it. That's the morale and what we should be discussing about, not complaining that it's a sappy ending.

It's really a very good book and the perfect ending to the series coz there's just no other way to end it, what can I say, she's a damn good writer.

I gotta read it again :p

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