Thursday, August 24, 2006

Proposal for Ah Dear..

My colleague sent me a vid on a machine that folds clothes automatically.

Now that is a good invention but it got me thinking, why should we fold clothes in the first place? It's just a waste of time if you think about it.

So here's the proposal to Ah Dear, when we move into a place of our own, we shall hang all our clothes on hangers, including normal wear and whatevernots.

When we do the laundry, we should put the clothes on hangers to dry and once they are dry, we shall just put them in the wardrobe as it is. Saves time right? No more hanging the clothes on lines, taking them down the lines, folding them then keeping them in drawers. Now we just need to put the clothes on hangers and then transfer them around. And the best thing, as long as we straighten the clothes when they are wet, they should be relatively crease-free so it means less ironing.

Oh my gosh, I'm so smart. Sometimes I can't help but be amazed what my laziness can churn up.. hee..


nottotian said...


Jayce said...

hee.. ^5!! Finally someone who agrees with me :p

We are not lazy, we work smart.. hor tian :p

nottotian said...

yes, totally agree

why do duplicate work right? we can even put the clothes on the same rack, simply take out from washing machine & hang on that rack, dry already just take it off and wear!

Jayce said...

yes.. my thoughts exactly :p That will save so much time and efforts!! :p

Why can't the rest think like us?? :p