Monday, August 28, 2006

Mee Siam

Oh I love mee siam, it's one of my fav malay dish :p after soto ayam :p

That mee siam without hum is really the joke of the century, but look deeper and it gets real sad. Ok, we know that our PM was referring to laksa, but the thing is, how can one mix up laksa with mee siam??

That reminded me of the time I was at Rasa and having breakfast. For their buffet spread, they have the standard western stuff and asian dish, one of the asian dish was laksa. It seems like laksa, but on closer look, it's actually mee siam with laksa gravy, that's what the hotel did to get rid of leftovers and to cheat the angmos.

I'm a singaporean, I grew up with all these food, I'm not bluffed.

So why did our PM mix the two up? Maybe coz with his 5-digit monthly salary, he only ate laksa at Rasa and so he thought that's the real thing? Or with his fat salary, he's not bothered about mee siam or laksa at all. Hey, if I earn so much every month, I would go for my foie gras and wagyu, what laksa? Unless it's lobster laksa of course.

That's how disconnected our leaders are, to the point that they cannot even differentiate two of our staple dish. It's sad.. really sad.. Mee siam mai hum.. Can I have teh-o mai teh??

On the lighter side :p here's some hum jokes I found :p See, who say Singaporeans are not creative??

1)What do you call a bird that eats hum?

A hummingbird.

2)How did Singhapurean live in Peace?

Racial Humony

3)What do you call a Husband who is hen-peck?


4)Why did the hum cross the road?

To get to Lak Sa
To get away from Mee Siam cause any idiot will know that Mee Siam does not have hum.

5)The curse of the cockles:

HUM KA CHAN! (cantonese my dears)

6)what do you call a horny cockle?


7)what happens when the media tries frantically to cover-up this "mee siam mai hum" incident?
Hum bin loh... (hokkien this time round..)

8) A food that has a hum, but don't come with hums:

Hum Cheem Pang

9) Why did "MEE" the Chicken crossed the Road?

The Chicken "Mee" crossed the road to "SIAM" the "HUM" on this side of the Road.

10)which is see hum's favorite mating position? ...
MEESIAMnary position ...

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