Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Decadent Lifestyle

The weekend before was indeed lived the decadent way, on Sunday we went swimming at Caribbean then the day before that, we had a lovely meal over at Ko.

Ko is the old Suntory, basically it's the same restaurant just that they change management from Suntory group to Intercontinental.

Mummy and Dajie had their usual Ladies Kaiseki

This is the starters, pretty rite?

That's real sakura

As Ah Dear and I had a heavy breakfast, we shared a wagyu set :) yes, I have my most-est favourite wagyu!!

But as it was a set, it came with chawamushi, sashimi salad, rice, dessert and this starter
I think it's monk fish liver.. it's not bad, kinda like foie gras, but I dun really like it coz it have a slight fish smell which I do not like.

Now comes the main dish.. the dish that I'm super looking forward to...
My wagyu!! Yes, I'm in love with wagyu ever since I had it over at Inagiku with Darren :)

Of course I'm not gonna eat it raw :p it comes with this little grill where we can grill the meat on our own, choosing our own done-ness.
It's a charcoal grill wor.. gosh, I can still hear the sizzle when the meat is laid on the pan..

The meat is super tender, melt-in-your-mouth.. It's really really very good. It's fat yet not oily, then together with the vinegar that they serve it with.. simply superb.

Yes, I love love love wagyu to death.. but I can't really afford it, that set, with that tiny plate of wagyu cost us about 80 bucks. It's expensive, but it's worth every cent ^^

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