Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Our new place..

Yes, Ah Dear and I are planning to get married and we already got a place at .. .. ..
the Carribean at Keppel Bay :) That's us over at the clubhouse in rest and relax clothings :p

We love the place, just look at the view from pool..
can see the sea and Sentosa wor.. nice right??

Hahaha.. you really believed me?? I dun think I can even afford the toilet there..
Just look at the shower.. so nice right?? And guess what, that's just the shower at the clubhouse.. Can you imagine how the toilet in the apartment itself would look?? Too bad Xinjie's parents rented the apartment out already.. gee..

Yepz, it's on dear Xinjie's generosity that we got to go to the lovely Carribean for a Sunday swim :)

San Ge Ke Ai De Mei Nu ^^ ok, I'm the oldest and the shortest in the pic :p ba.. look at the apartments behind, nice rite?

Lovely Jacuzzi, it's big wor, but too bad the water is not heated. But I love the view, you can directly look at the sea.. nice..

the two dreamers dreaming that one day they can live in an apartment like this one day :)

Ah Dear in the pool (yes, I'm getting lazy to think of things to write :p but a picture paints a thousand words mah)

Tai Tai wannabe.. .. :p oo.. I got tan!! yes, finally, even though it's only a little bit, unlike my mei, it's still something :)

Why the weird expression?? coz there's a ghost in the toilet!!! *gasp* nah, just my mei :p chey..

The real owner with my mei over at the clubhouse

It was a real fun Sunday swim, the view was fantastic, the pool was great and they had a 7/11 there!! Really decadent lifestyle.. Ohh.. did I mention the tons of angmos we saw there? There were hardly any locals around, most are expats, I think they are the only ones that can afford such luxuries.

Nevermind, I still prefer my 4-room flat over in Hougang, near my fav Taiwan porridge ^^ hor dear..

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