Monday, February 27, 2006


It's painful when your heart gets broken..

It's torture when your heart gets broken and yet not shattered completely.. That's pure agony.

I don't take credit for the above two sentences, I read it from a blog..

Sometimes people breaks your heart, sometimes they tear it apart, but the worst are really those that breaks your heart yet leave some parts behind, they make you think that there is still hope, that one day your broken heart can be mend, they make you think that someday, somehow, some way, things will work out.

These people should be banished to the deepest level of hell, for the torture they put you and me through.

Why promise something that you cannot do? Why give false hopes?

That's why a bad breakup is sometimes good. Let something very bad happen; say some very mean things..

That was why Vincent and I had a clean break, coz something very nasty happened. Not his fault, it was mine, but I'm glad it happened coz when I look back, I can no longer see him as the person I love, he becomes just another person I know.

It's never easy to have a clean break, it's human to cling on. But there's a fine line between treating him as a friend and treating him as a lover. Very fine line. And it's that particular fine line that makes the difference between happiness and heartache.

Who wants to end a relationship? But sometimes, some things just have to end, whether you like it or not. It's just meant to be that way. That's fate. Maybe that's the work of God. I dunno and I don't care. After a time, I had to pick myself up, there's no way I could sit and wait for someone that will never come back, no matter what he said.

*hugz* for the little girl who had her heart broken and not shattered.. remember, your heart is only broken.. it hurts when the pieces starts falling apart.. but these pieces are the ones that can grow into a new heart, a brand new heart which can learn to love again.

You like stars, so be resilient like a starfish, no matter how bad they cut you up, you can always grow back. Let them know that you will always come back, stronger than ever.

Do not let him put you down. He don't deserve it. He's not worth it. The only person in the world that's worth your time is yourself. Be selfish for once, think about only yourself.

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