Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Are woman in power neurotic?

Or put it in a nicer way, kinda crazy.. ok, that's too sweeping a statement, but I've just met one that kinda so.

She's the head of this super big department in my co, in fact, the regional head wor. I'll put her age at mid 30s, so it's really amazing how she climbed her way up, I think it's very much helped by her neuroticism.

How so? She's really those kinda crazy boss you see on tv, those that will scream and shout at you, call you stupid and then throw things at you. Serious. I always thought that those things only happen in tv and it's an exageration. But then when it happened in front of me.. ..

The first time I met her was almost 9 months back, the squeaky-new-to-the-company-me had a meeting with her, my boss and some other people. That's when I learn I hate meetings, I'm dragged into something that I totally don't understand and was super boring. That big boss was ok in the meeting, though she did shoot off things like "why are you so dumb?" and stuff like that, but in general I can accept that, coz that person was really acting stupid.

But after the meeting, we lingered around to talk to the other people present and I saw her slamming her phone down a couple of times, throw her files to the floor, and stuff like that, within a short period of 5 minutes. I was really shocked. I thought only Miss Tan (our sec 3/4 Chemistry teacher) will do that.

Subsequently when I go to her department to discuss some things with her subordinate, I've witnessed similar incidents. It's weird, coz she's the boss, shouldn't she be more professional? Oh, did I mention? Her stare can kill.. really very scary.. Also weird is that she have a dog. Normally I would think that all dog owners are generally nice, coz they love dogs :) like me :) but but.. maybe she's nice to her dog and not to people in general, it happens.

Today's incident takes the crown.. Just now I was back at her department talking to her subordinate, this guy went into her room and I heard them arguing.. ok, that's pretty normal, so I ignored it. I must add, I think the guy is pretty senior too. Then he came out and talked to this other senior guy, I have no idea what they were talking about.

After about 10 minutes, he went into her room again and guess what? She threw her phone at him!?! What the.. .. .. and the guy just calmly came out, told the other guy that she threw her phone at him and then continued to talk.. .. huh??

It's amazing how calm the guy was.. I think he was used to her "antics".

I only have one thought, I'm glad I don't work for her.. I'll probably quit within a week if I did.. nah.. I think a day is more than enough..


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