Saturday, February 25, 2006

Stuart Andersons ~One Fullerton

Stuart Anderson is famous for its steak, but I've already went there three times and I have not tried their steak yet :p I love love love their mud pie!!

Their mud pie wins all the other mud pie hands down. If the mud pie over at NYDC scores 8 out of 10, the sky high mud pie over at Stuart Anderson will score 15 out of 10! It is that good!

Their other food are good as well :) For Xmas, Ah Dear brought me to the one at One Fullerton for dinner and it was.. ... ... .. wow..

We had this..
black agnus6
Seafood platter for two.. Just look at the king crab!! Oh my gosh, I'm hungry just looking at the photo..

King crab and scallops are not the only thing on the menu.. There still.. ..
black agnus5
Lobster!! and prawns and fries!! Oh yah, hidden below the prawns was this HUGE crab cake :)

When the waiter served us the dish, Ah dear and I were *wow* so much food?!

Look back to the first pic.. the scallop.. thick and juicy, just lightly poached.. yummy..

Then the king crab.. oh my.. the shell is soft, but that's good, coz it gives easy access to the oh-so-sweet meat inside. It's tender, juicy and oo oo .. .. it's like having an orgasm.. haha.. really.. maybe it's even better.. haha

So an advise, leave the king crab for last, coz after the king crab, all the other seafood just taste bland.

The lobster is good too, so are the prawns, and the crab cake. The crab cake is super creamy, so it's abit too heavy for me. But the king crab made everything good :)

Oh, this main course comes with a starter, either soup or salad. Both of us choose soup..
black agnus8
He had steak soup and I got the bake potato soup.

His soup was ok, mine was more interesting..
black agnus9
It's really like a bake potato, just in liquid form.. There chives (I dun like), bacon bits, cheddar cheese and sour cream.. very nice.. but very heavy..

The whole meal cost us about 90 plus, that's coz we stupidly ordered another starter, which made us super full by the end of the main course.. so full that we could not have our mud pie!! How can?? but we were really too full, we even had to dabao some food back.

The service was good, the waiters are attentive even though they were running a full house that day. I like the decor of the place too, very cosy.

It's really very angmo food, so the portions are HUGE!! I saw the steak that the next table were having and it's like *WAH* good place for big eaters. Good place for small eaters too, can share and pay for one serving only :)

Dining experience: 9 out of 10

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