Friday, February 24, 2006

Juju Hokkaido Steamboat

I don't really remember the name, but it's something like that. Anyway it's over at Paradize, next to Tao's.

It's Wenwei who brought me there, that's his 3rd time there, and each time with a different girl *tsk* *tsk* But since it's his treat, I'm ok with anything.. hee.. the way to a girl's heart is also through her stomach! Or at least for mine.. keke.. But don't worry Ah Dear, he's just my backup plan.. oppz, did I say that out loud? ;p no lah, Wenwei is just a very good friend with common interests. And don't forget, my criteria is 20cm or more :) This standard cannot lower one.

Back to the restaurant, the food is pretty good and the service is good as well, very friendly and attentive. They only serve set meals, there's a choice of 4 kinds of meat, chicken, pork, beef or seafood. The pricing is about 30 bucks, I think lah, coz I didn't pay, so not sure.. hee!

We ordered the beef and seafood set with mala (spicy) soup for Wenwei and Wakame (their signature seaweed soup) soup for me.

First up is the appetizer
It's actually 3 small side dishes, cold braised egg, seaweed and can't remember liao. The egg is super nice! I like! And I love this picture also! I think it's very well taken *pats myself* just look at the shine on the egg.. oo.. I love my phone.. hee

The egg is braised on the outside, and soft-boiled on the inside. I have no idea how they did it, but it's just damn nice!
Just look at the yolk!! I like!! This is our favourite dish :)

Then came the main course
Mine came on a boat, but hor it's a leaky boat, after a while, the ice will melt and it will leak all over the place. The seafood were pretty ok, quite fresh, just that I did not like the crab.. too troublesome to eat. The fish is good, and all the ingredients goes well with the soup.

Oh there's vege, mussels, crab, fish, crab sticks, squid and dumplings. Also I choose vermicelli to go along with my food.

Here's Wenwei's order..
Don't be bluffed, there's cubbage below the beef, but still it was a lot of beef.. and he kept asking me to take more, coz he wants to fatten me up :p But no matter what he does, I will never be like him :p That stupid guy was complaining to me that he put on weight and stuff like that, and then he happily go order an additional rice?! Duh! Rice is fattening! And there's still so much food left, he should had saved the stomach for them.

His beef is pretty good, and it goes well with the peanut sauce. And then again, that Wenwei ate so much of the peanut sauce!! Peanuts are full of oil!! haiz.. He no hope liao lah..

Whilst we were having our steamboat, they served us this
It's very yummy plum vinegar ice :) I like.. Only thing is that it's a tiny glass.. I want more!! hee. Anyway the drink comes at a right time coz it's sour, can just wet our apettites and make us eat more :p

After the super full meal.. there's dessert. We are given a choice out of 4 and we chose this one called Pearl Harbour
It's mango juice with coconut milk, sago and all kinds of fruits. I think it's ok only, nothing very special and too milky for liking.

Overall, the place is not bad, plus it's not crowded at all, so it's nice and quiet, good place to bring girls out :) The staff is attentive, coz there's not much people anyway. We kept asking for refills of soup and our request were attended to with a smile. Really not bad, just that I feel it's abit pricey.

Dining experience: 7 out of 10 (0.5 extra mark coz I don't have to pay for it!)

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