Friday, December 23, 2005

A Pleasant Surprise (^o^)/

The moment I stepped into my office building, I got chocolates from the office management :) and a very nice Merry Xmas from the lady who gave me the chocolate :) That's so thoughtful of the office management :) Think it's coz the office management of my building is in the hospitality business, thus they do a lot of such stuff to make us feel good :)

Yes, I'm in a damn good mood today :) Actually I was in a very good mood yesterday too, had a very pleasant surprise in the morning, it may be a small gesture but it meant a lot to me. Then the wonderful lunch of Ben and Jerry's drove my happiness level way up :)

Back to today, once I got into my office, I found a gift sitting on my table :) How good can today get? A good lunch I guess :p My colleague brought me this real cute plushie, it's Chip from Chip and Dale!! Very cute!! It's the second Chip I got already :p

And I've got a TY doggie from my boss, it's damn expensive dog, she told us she got them in a set of 5 for 500 bucks, but it's for charity of course. It's really very cute, I chose the one that looks like Ah Fei, and it's appropriately named Fidget, just like my Fei² leh :)

My work station is like overrun with plushies right now, I have two sitting on my monitor, two beside it, two more next to the phone and one on top of my CPU :p A total of 7 plushies in the span of 7 months here :p and on top of that, I have my 2 cushions :)

Should post a pic of my table once I clear it up :p It's kinda messy now.. But I like it alot, I put up all my plushies and pictures and photos, so whenever I feel sianz at work, I look up and see Brad Pitt looking back at me, I feel motivated to work again. Or my 梦中情人 smiling at me :)

I'm totally in a holiday mood today :) don't feel like starting work at all.. and boss say we can leave early today!! yeah!! and yuppers (learn from someone one :p), it's already nearing 11 and I have not started work at all!! :Þ

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