Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ben and Jerry's!!!

I had a great lunch today, over at Sanur and then Ben and Jerry's :) and the best thing is, I don't have to pay a cent coz my boss and manager treated us!! yeah!! free good food!! what more do one want??

Lunch at Sanur was pretty good, but I still prefer the one over at Taka. Somehow the food over at Suntec just don't taste as the one at Taka.

Then we went to Ben and Jerry's and I finished 3 scoops on my own!! hee.. power rite? I'm amazed that I can finish so much ice cream!! But it was really good!! nice nice!! Sinful but who cares :p

I have a damn soft spot for furry stuff, and I have to see this lovely fur scrunchie when we're shopping for my boss's xmas present. This scrunchie is made from rabbit's fur which is incredibly soft. I really can't help but buy it. But it have a 30% discount, so I did not spend that much on it :p only 10 bucks :)

It's really damn nice and soft and it's just so me :) once I saw it, I know it's just for me, like my ruby red 903 :) as Jun would say, that's so Feng :)

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