Monday, December 12, 2005

Great News over the Weekend!!

But I can't tell anyone!! argh!! I hate to keep such secrets :Þ Plus good news should be shared mah.. darn it!

Got the news last weekend and it's came as a shock, but it was a very pleasant surprise :) I just wished I could tell someone about it.. argh!! Must ren ren ren!! Hmm.. I'm thinking of what I can say without giving the secret away. Err.. *mind in a blank* All I can say it's damn good news, my mind-reading buddy should know what I'm trying to say, hor Jun *winkz*

Last weekend was pretty good, excluding that nasty incident of course.. But let's not talk about that.

Friday night met up with Jun and Xianhe, went for our Japanese food over at Bugis :) the food was pretty standard, but the good thing was we did not have to pay for service charge or gst :p hee.. coz they made a mistake in calculation lah, not coz we're three gorgeous babes :p Though I wished it was the latter.. hee

Then we went to Shaw to catch our Perhaps Love!! Takeshi Kaneshiro is omg drop dead gorgeous!! He is god ok! I just love him. Did I mention that his thighs are his best features, check out 心动, his thighs are the ********** thighs I've ever seen. (please fill in the blanks with the most .. .. err... erotic word you can think of.. hee) Ever since I've watched that show, I'm in love with his thighs. And I tell the whole world that.

But he's not a vase in Perhaps Love ok, his acting have improved so so much!! He's really good in the show, can really feel his angst. And girls, I was not being quiet during the show, I was actually crying, coz it's just so .. .. some of the scenes really struck a chord in me.

I love the show, so much so I watched it twice already! hee. it's really a very good show. The show is not about love, it is about learning to let go, and Takeshi took 10 years to learn to let go. What he had was no longer love, it was hate and it took him 10 years to learn to let go. Zhou Xun and Jacky Cheung also did not love each other, what they have between them is dependence. The show is really very good, but you have to know the story before you watch it else you will feel very lost.

The other good thing about the show is watching it with my two hot dates :) It's been a long time since we caught a show together.. It's fun to just swoon over cute guys in the cinema. And it's just great to watch the show with two of my best-est friend :)

After the show we went over to Newton for Cheng Teng!! It's the best best best Cheng Teng in the whole of Singapore! Must go over to Newton to try. It's the stall that's facing the main road ran by two uncles. I dunno the stall name but it's the one with the least decor and pictures. Plus it's only $1.50 for tons and tons of ingredients. They have the best cooked lotus seed which is soft and yet not mushy and the best sago which is chewy!!

Then came sunday (Sat is a boring day with me lanning at home, nothing interesting to talk about) and Ah Dear and I went for the Cnet gathering. Not much people turned up but we had fun talking. Chee Wee is pretty *ehem*goodlooking*ehem* nice person wor, and he got us a Cnet bag and a multi-purpose pen. Though I have tons of such pens, still appreciate his efforts :) I like gatherings, it's fun to put a name onto the faces, too bad only the 6 of us turned up.

And it was the first time in years that I stepped into Tiong Bahru Plaza. The place did not really change, maybe the shops had changed but not the overall feel of the place. I miss Asuka!! The best tepanyakki place!! Haiz, so many good japanese restaurants all closed down liao.

That more or less sums up the weekend. Bad things that happened:1, good things that happened:3. Plus the great news, so it's a good weekend still :)


b.muse said...

*hugs* Mi had a great time too! Hee, we dun nid discounts to noe we're 3 gorgeous babes. :p

Yup I noe ya reaction towards the film.. touched mi in many ways too.. Sigh..

Cheers to a fantastic date! And thx for introducing mi the yummylicious Cheng Teng!! *muacks* haha

Jayce said...

And cheers to Takeshi's thighs!! though we did not get to see them, we know it's there.. hahaha