Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This is Takeshi's role in Perhaps Love.. Let's forget about how cute Takeshi is for a moment and focus on this character, 林见东.

This silly man wasted 10 years of his life, all in the name of love. But as you watch on, you realise that it's not love that's holding him on, it's hate that's pulling him back. All those years he hated his love, how miserable his life must had been.

You don't need a reason to love someone, but you need a reason to hate someone.

It's easy to love someone, it's tough to hate someone, what more the person that you once loved?

This whole movie is not about love at all, all the leads thought they were in it for love, it's at the end where they realised they never loved the other party. The only person that they loved were themselves.

How many of us find ourselves in their shoes? How many of us are willing to admit it?

Love is being romanticized by movies, music, tv. We all thought we knew what it is to love, we proclaim our love and profess our undying love, all that till the next more attractive person comes along. *poof* everything is forgotten and we go through the cycle again.

In many ways, I think people are just stupid, making the same mistake over and over again. But then when were we ever smart? Doesn't this never say die trait makes us endearing? People always love things that are sillier than they are, so that they can feel smart.

Love is the greatest magic in the world, as Dumbledore had said. The ability to love is the greatest achivement of mankind. But what do we really know about it? We read about it all the time but do we really feel it? Or are we just bluffing ourselves?

There are many times when people remain in a relationship as they do not know how to let go. That's a situation where I found myself in once, I did not know if I really loved that person or I just did not want to let go.

For me, letting go is like losing.. When a relationship ends even after you tried your best, it feels like a personal lost, that you had lost in the game of love. When I started feeling that, i realise that I had not really loved the person, what I loved was to be in a relationship; what I loved was having someone that I can call my boyfriend.

Till this day, I can't say I've really learnt to love, I'm too practical and materialistic to love. And the person that I love most is still myself.

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