Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Shoutout from Bangkok!!

3rd day in Bangkok and I still haven got the chance to go shopping and just r&r :( so sad.. everything is fucked up from the start and all that is coz of our "dear events manager". That &^%*^ bitch who cannot plan for saving her own life, if she have one that is. Old, single, no career, no love.. hmm.. come to think of it, I should pity her ba, so old already still so poor thing.. but then, from the way she fucked up this whole event and expect us to help her clear up the mess, she can go reside in hell for all that I care.

But no worries, I'm good, have 3 very good colleagues to help out, so the 4 of us are working very hard to salvage the situation.

Staying at Grand Hyatt at the moment, at the moment coz that fucked up manager did not reserve enough rooms, so we are still 8 rooms short at the moment. How the heck she messed up this most important aspect I really have no idea. Worse case scenario we have to move to another hotel. The best case would be to share rooms.

Today the guests are arriving and we still have not solved this problem. Damn the planner!! fucked up bitch. And the worst thing, she refuses to take responsibility, keep telling us about how good her past event was. Hello, her whatever good event was already over, it's almost a year already, things are different now. I don't need to know how good your past event is, I want to know how the heck you are going to solve the problem right now.

I miss my Ah Dear dear.. heng xiang ni. Dear dear hope that you will not be too busy this week. I will be back on Sunday, it's only 5 more days away, I will be back before you know it.

Xiaobao, I'm good, the hotel is very pretty. Help me tell mummy and daddy that I'm good, just very busy and phone bill is very expensive so I don't really call back. I've got enough work related calls to bust my bill. And I don't have time to get a prepaid card and the hotel does not sell them.. haiz..

Quite a bad trip. I'm overseas and yet I do not have holiday mood at all.

But a few good things still happened, had my Buskin Robbins!! It's super nice an damn cheap, later if I have the time I'll go over to get some more *yummy*; the room is darn nice, so wasted that I'm not in it most of the time; the breakfast served at the hotel is good, I love the bacon, too bad Ah dear not here to enjoy his favourite bacon; the Mac here is damn cheap leh, 2~3 bucks for a complete meal!! and the staff are all very friendly; the train service here is pretty efficient and it reminds me of our old trains coz they still use the transitlink kinda cards.

No more time to blog already.. today is the eve of the event.. gonna be busy busy busy.. haiz.. haven even got the time to eat breakfast, I really dunno how things will turn out the next few days.. just have to cross our fingers and pray.

Miss everyone in Singapore!!!


Burnz said...

Dear ... i realli realli miss u, so lost without u around me. Miss having u SMS me and call me. Miss going to ur work place and fetch u... i really miss u. WORDS can't express my feelings right now... MUACKS.

Burnz said...

Dear... no need to get angry over such lowlife pple ok. Not worth for my dear to get so agitated. Always believe that was goes around, comes around. She's doing this to everyone, eventually she'll get her retribution. Not up to us to decide what she'll get but when PAYBACK time comes, it will be fair and send her double.