Thursday, November 10, 2005

2 more days to get home..

Only 2 more days before I will be able to get home!! I'm so so so so so looking forward to see my Ah Dear, see my family, see my Fei², see my bed and see everyone else.. I miss them so so much..

Things in Bangkok are starting to get on track, especially when that ^%#^%& is no longer the event manager!! hahaha.. my big boss knew about everything and got one of my other manager to take over her work and be the events manager.. so under her lead, everything is going pretty well.. :) so happy.

That &^$&^% really fucked up everything and the one thing she did was to blame every other person. There was so many things that she did not do and follow up and then she blamed everyone else for it. What a fucker!!

The lucky thing is that my boss knew about it.. heng.. so now we can finally rest in peace and work with ease coz she's not in charge anymore.

Will try to blog more later.. still have things to do..

*2 more days*

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