Tuesday, September 06, 2005

love test..

I love all those psychological tests.. used to have books and books on them..

young girls like to dream about love mah..

Here's the love test that I jus did

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And the answer..

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I did this test before, so I had a vague idea of the answers.. so can say it's not 100% accurate for me.. .. but still the results that came out were plesantly suprising..

first question.. my answer was sheep, horse, cow, tiger, pig... so love and family is the most important thing in my life.. but i'm surprised money ends up last.. maybe coz my love will give me money so i dun have to worry about it?? hee..

second question.. dog=loyal; cat=lazy but cute; rat=dirty; coffee=bittersweet; ocean=big and blue.. the first 3 still can link.. but the last two is kinda.. hmm.. food for thoughts.. and for my friends, i dun think u guys are lazy oki.. it's lazy in a good way, more relaxed and laid back..

third question.. yellow and green are the same person, orange and white are the same person, and guess who red is??

for a moment I was stumped by this question, can't think of anyone at all.. so in the end, red is myself!! yeah!! I love myself the most!! If you cant learn to love yourself, how can you learn to love someone else?? as for white.. it's my dearie of course.. and he's my bestest friend also..

Green and yellow.. haiz.. I'll never forgot that person.. no matter how hard I try.. to the point I've already given up trying.. it's too tiring to keep tryin to forget.. I have short term memory, but why doesn it work in this case?? Green really reminded me of him.. but life goes on and on.. and I'm happy now :)

Shall try to dig out my stash of psyc tests and post them up..

Jun and Xuan, remember all the tests that we love to do?? I miss you two so much!!! I miss the lovely days that we had.. the illicit drinking sessions over at Xuan's place.. hee..


b.muse said...

*hugs* miss you too sweetie! Yup sure miss those notti days.. haha. Can't wait for Xuan to be back then we three can nua together again! :)

Jayce said...

yalor.. really cant wait for her to be back..

Xuan!! wo men heng xiang ni!!