Monday, September 05, 2005

Breakfast @ Coffee Club / Lunch @ Swiss Culture / Dinner @ Novena

Of course I didn't have them all in one shot.. too sinful to eat so much in one day..

coffee club5Had breakfast over at Coffee Club @ Harborfront just before we went in to Sentosa.. didn't really plan on having breakfast but then we saw the tempting poster and happily went in.. Yes, we're piggies :p

I love places with extended breakfast hours.. I love it even more when they serve breakfast all day long :)

There was this place when Jun told me that they serve breakfast all day long.. and the caption they wrote was "we understand" hee.. they'll always be lazy people like me who wakes up late (as in afternoon late) and still crave for breakfast :P

The scrambled eggs looks damn tempting and so we happily went in to makan.. hee

I ordered my scrambled eggs and sausages, dearie ordered his teriyakki chicken sandwich, which is not technically breakfast :p

coffee club4The service was good, maybe coz there wasn't many people around.. but still very prompt service with smiles all the time :)

After getting our orders, we were promptly served ice water, even though we did not ask for it.

Here's my food with my strawberry tea :) yummy yummy.. time to tuck in..

First I have to talk about the bread. The bread was toasted, so it was nice and crisp.. But that not the amazing part about the bread. The bread that they used was not those ordinary sunshine bread you find outside, instead it was this super fine bread that's so crisp on the outside and yet so soft in the inside. It was really good and I couldnt get enough of it. the texture was so mian.. nice..

The sausage was good too, the skin was not too tough and it tastes just great even without ketchup. The scrambled eggs were normal but tasted great when eaten together with the sautee mushrooms.

The one thing I like about Coffee Club are their salad dressing. Instead of boring dressings like thousand island or French, they have their own dressings that are more on the sour side, jus the way I like it.. also it feels less fattening than thousand island :p

Overall I think my breakfast is a very healthy, all rounded breakfast, with proteins, carbos, vitamins and fibre. Shall ask Zhen and the rest over for breakfast there soon :)

coffee club usDearie's teriyakki chicken sandwich was good too.. the chicken was like HUGE.. but still very tender.. I wanna post the pic but it seems that I had forgotten to upload it.. dang it.. The sandwich also came with a side salad like mine. There's quite a few choice of bread, which dearie chose the cheese bread.. The bread was good too.. I never knew Coffee Club had such good breads.

The overall experience over at Coffee Club was really very good, service was great, food was great, ambience was great too.. I like the decor of the place, even the outdoor seats look darn nice.. I wonder if they allow dogs, then Fluffy can join us for breakfast again :) Plus we spent less than 20 bucks for a very filling breakfast for two.

Then sitting next to us was this 3 generation family, happily having breakfast together.. I wonder when can that happen for me too :p


swiss culture3Last week, dearie came over and met me for lunch.. since I jus got my pay, I happily dragged him over to Swiss Culture for lunch.. sad to say, it's a disappointing lunch, so unlike the other time when I ate there..

We reached there at around 1pm and happily started browsing through the menu for food.. I wanted to have the chocolate fondue but decided to order later worried that we could not finish the food. After placing our orders of calamari, pasta, set lunch, we sat down and wait.. and waited and waited..

swiss culture4I was so hungry that I was tempted to eat dearie's finger :p but luckily I decided against it as our order of calamari came.

swiss culture5The calamari came with 2 sauces, a thai chilli sauce and tartar sauce.. It looks nice, the outer later of crust is nice but the calamari itself was way too big and tough.. We had a hard time trying to bite it..

Then dearie's soup of the day came (from the set lunch), it was cream of cauliflower, which tastes better than it sounds. After finishing both the soup and the calamari, our main course still had not arrive and we had to wait and wait and wait again for them.

swiss culture8The set lunch that dearie had was this deep fried fish, and I ordered their grilled pasta with mushrooms and seafood.

His fish was really not that great, as it was a freshwater fish they used, there was this mud taste to it.. Not fantastic but still ok.

swiss culture7Mine was pasta grilled with swiss cheese. As it was a cream-based pasta, less than halfway through I was sick of it.. But the taste was actually pretty good.. It's jus me and cream-based sauce..

swiss culture6After we finished our main course and asked the waiter for our dessert, we had to wait AGAIN!! was getting pissed at this point of time as we were in a rush that day..

And the damn waiter actually asked another waiter to get our desserts and he forgot about it.. damn it.. it was jus this teeny weeny cup of tiramisu and they took 10 minutes to get it to us.. Look at the size of the damn dessert. We finished it in less than a minute..

When we asked for the bill, guess what happened?? we had to wait AGAIN!! wtf..

I was late for my appointment coz of the slow slow slow service. I cant stand it. Plus it cost me 50 bucks for a lunch which we ate in less time then we waited for, and I did not have time for my chocolate fondue..

I'm really very disappointed by the service that day. As a restaurant in town area, they should know that lunch hour is a time where prompt service is very important.. yet they made us wait and wait and wait.. can you believe the waiting time was actually longer than the time we took to eat the food..
Later that day, we had dinner over at this chicken rice place over at Novena. I can't remember the name of the place but it's opposite the church over at Novena, somewhere along the car showroom..

chicken riceThe chicken rice was good.. though the place was abit warm.. look at wat dearie did with his rice.. jus like a little boy like that :Þ

chicken rice2Also order the daily soup which was watercress with pork ribs.. very nice coz it had gooseberries in it :)

The chicken was good too, nice and tender.. the rice was ok but abit too hard for my liking.. it came with the standard soup which was quite flavourful.

The chilli they had was abit too spicy and oily for my liking.. the drinks were good too.. I like the drinks at such coffee shops coz they're always homemade.. i love homemade barley with all the barley inside :)

Cant remember how much I spent on this meal, but think it's less than 20 bucks..

Dining experience @ Coffee Club: 7.5 out of 10
Dining experience @ Swiss Culture: 4.5 out of 10
Dining experience @ Novena: 6.5 out of 10

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