Friday, September 23, 2005

Latest 903SH news!!!

Unlocking is getting nearer and nearer.. now they can get into the test mode where calls and such can be made, just no data connections.. check it out here.. They even overcome the reprovisioning problem!! that's great news!!

only thing is how long more will they take to come up with a full unlock version, or even better, how long are they gonna take to crack the codes so that we can flash 833 firmware onto 903sh!!

And for those who stays in Singapore, please check out
here. Phiber is a good friend of mine and he's selling 903sh at the lowest price you can find around.. Also providing future unlock guarantee together with boo (I got my 802Se from him, confirm reliable, plus he's in NS, where can he run to??).

The phones are going for S$780, it's cheap cheap cheap!! Much cheaper than the other people in the forum.. just go take a look oki.. I wanna get it too, but no budget for it at the moment.. dang it.. have to wait for the second or third shipment..

ETA for the phones are the first week of October, around the 5~7th..

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