Thursday, September 22, 2005


你看着云 看着我

This is a peom which I loved dearly.. short, simple and yet so .. ..

It just tugs at my heartstrings.. It's simple yet it paints such a vivid picture of modern life, of how close each of us are physically, and yet how far apart we are mentally.. But more importantly, to me, it tells of a story of two lovers growing apart..

Poems brings out different responses from different people, to me this is a sad love story..

At a point of time, I saw myself in the poem..

Jason wrote this in his blog.. which got me thinking.. ..


Sometimes we complicate things too much.. We read too much into things.. Sometimes things just happen coz they just have to. To me, life is like a book, whether we like it or not, the ending is already there. We can choose not to continue to read the book, but it will not negate the fact that the ending is already written.

It's not easy for two people to be together, it takes time, courage and luck. It's easy to know all sorts of people, but it's hard to find someone that we love and and loves us back just as much. It's not easy to learn to let go of the walls we build around ourselves and let someone else in.

I remember the most hurtful conversation I ever had.. it goes with me saying I've tried very hard to get into your life, your heart but I can't seem to get in. The response I got was, it's because I've never let you in.. My heart was shattered into pieces when I heard those words.. 6 months and everything that we had been through, all for that?!

But it's over. It still hurts, but not coz of him, just hurt as a moment in my life.

Breaking up, it must be the toughest test God ever gives. The breaking up process tells you a lot about one person. All sorts of secrets comes pouring out.. All sorts of antics comes along.. crying, shouing, ranting, raving, and lying.

I'm sorry I ever lied.. and lied about such an important thing. I didn't know what went over me then. But it's also over now, not as over at the previous one, but still pretty much over.

People break up for many reasons, I had to go through it with the most hurtful one.. but it does not matter now, coz someone else came along and showed me there's life after the end of a relationship.

Things are not as simple as they seem most of the time. Things are not as complicated as they seem most of the time. It's a matter of prespective again. It's a matter of how you look at things.

There's always two sides to a coin, it's just whether you want to look at the bright side or the dark side.

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