Monday, August 29, 2005

Lai Lai Beef Noodles

Nice nice place.. came back to office on sat (yeah, i still can't believe it too) and went down to Liang Seah street to look for desserts.. but sadly the desserts stall was not opened yet.. so we were debating if we should have lunch when we passed by Lai Lai Hong Shao Nu Rou Mian..

Since we always wanted to try that place, we happily went it, jus to be greeted by the bubbly owner.. think she has a twin sister and they co-own the place.. there were articles all over the place mah.. and they're really Taiwanese wor :) and she's super nice and friendly and very warm.. jus makes u feel like an old friend and want to go back to the place again and again..

I like the logo of the shop.. can u see the bull in the words?? hee..

lai lai3After getting a seat by the window.. we started pondering on jus what we want to eat.. there's like so so many choices.. and so many things that we always see on taiwanese variety shows..

haha.. actually dearie dun wan me to post this pic, he said this pic makes his face look big.. but.. hee.. I like the pic leh.. so I wanna post it :P and hor cannot let other girls know my dearie is super duper cute mah.. must show some ugly pics, else later they wanna fight with me over him how?? hee..

lai lai2After deciding what to have for lunch.. we sit around.. stoning... I actually went back to work on a SATURDAY!! can u believe it??! need to stone abit to get work out of my system.. and also my body clocks wakes up after 1pm on sat.. had to try to wake myself up..

and no, i'm not staring at the Cefiro.. I dun really like Nissan :p

lai laiDearie was also tired.. coz we watched tv till almost 2am the previous nite.. haha.. standard routine already :p I'm a tv freak, and he's being influenced by me.. hee..

Actually he wasnt really stoning out.. look at his face.. he's plotting some evils plans.. I was wondering what it involves.. till..

lai lai5Ah-ha.. I knew it.. he wanted to have all the food to himself!! *greedy bear* see.. he even have his chopsticks and spoon all ready.. so bad.. but there's no way I'm gonna let him get his way of course..

lai lai6so i.. .. .. wahahaha.. threaten to pluck his leg hairs out one by one.. and he got scared.. and put down his chopsticks.. hahaha.. who ask him to wear berms when going out with me?? wanna fight with me for my food.. u're still a greenhorn.. hahaha

lai lai9Before I can make true my threat, the food came.. yummy yummy food :) but dearie can only stare and drool.. coz all the food u see on the table is MINE!! my things came first.. so he can only stare.. plus as a punishment for plotting to snatch my food, I wouldn even let him try :p

I had the set lunch, which consist of Ru Rou Fan, which is braised pork belly with peanuts topped on rice, a daily soup and a fried tofu dish (which is not in the picture). The price is $7.90
lai lai10Dearie had the other set lunch which consist of Hong Shao Nu Rou Mian (Beef noodles in soup), Yan Shu Ji (deep fried chicken) and Lime ice-blended with konyykku. Actually the set is the noodles plus one side dish plus one bubble tea, price is $14.20

All the food look so good rite?? very nice and colourful..

ok, a review on the food.. first the signature dish.. the nu rou mian.. it's those spicy kinda soup, and the noodles seems like those home-made kind.. it's very chewy and springy.. yummy.. the beef is good.. it's stewed till super tender, very soft (as dearie likes to put it), then they also put in some tendons.. which was abit squeezy, but still taste good, and dearie said it's very good for me.. *gulps* so i tentatively tried some.. it actually melts in the mouth.. but then.. ee..

The fried chicken wasn't the packaged kind that you find in most places, again it's homemade, they actually got the whole chicken and cut it up into pieces and marinate then deep fried.. it was pretty good, though the spices were abit overwhelming for me.. Also they topped it up with fried basil leaves..

The fried tofu is darn soft too.. crispy on the outside and soft in the inside.. the outside was also sprinkled with some chilli powder so there's a slight spicyness to it..

The soup was like any normal wanton soup, so nothing much to say about it..

Now comes my favourite.. The ru rou fan.. it was really really very good.. the meat and the peanuts were stewed till they're super soft.. the meat they used were pork belly meat.. (zhen, some fats are actually good for u :p) the kind that i like, which the skin, a layer of fats, then meat.. It sounds fats and it kinda looks fat, but when u pop the meat in your mouth, it just melts and there's no oily residue, only the fragant smell of the stew, the smooth texture of the skin and the lovely taste of the meat.. really really very good..

the rice they used was calrose rice which is a short grain rice.. but it's less sticky than the normal japanese rice that we eat, maybe it's the way they cook it?? anyway the rice is .. .. hmm.. i wanna say ke1 ke1 jin1 ying2, dun really know how to translate that.. but the grains are not stuck together.. and together with the meat sauce, it's super duper nice. The sauce tend to be abit on the oily side, but the rice jus absorbed the oils and as a result, became more fragrant..

Last was the drinks, we ordered a lime freeze and a lychee freeze.. the glass was huge, so two person can actually share one glass. it's pretty normal ice-blended with konyakku thrown it.. The lime freeze was better, coz after a heavy meal, something sour is darn refreshing.

Overall, I really like the place alot, and there's no service charge!! we stuffed ourselves to the hilt, and it's only 25 bucks.. and it's not that easy to stuff dearie.. jus look at his size :p but he's not fat hor, jus tall :p Also service was good, everyone was very friendly..

Another must try there should be it's mee sua.. the rice vermicelli.. it's looks darn good, but we were too full to order some more to try..

Dining experience: 7.5 out of 10

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Jonathan said...

wow.. great review. must put this on my must-visit list when i come back in november.


Jayce said...

Thank you *blush*

hmm.. time to get advertising fees from the shop already :)

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