Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lunch at Viet Tai

220805Last week, dearie came over to meet me for lunch.. coz I kept insisting he comes down and go Viet Tai with me.. hee.. he spoils me too much, giving in to all my whims and fancy..

So we happily went over to Viet Tai over at Marina Square.. hmm.. actually i dunno if i got the name of the place rite :p but agar agar can already lah..

Sadly the cute guy that served me the other time was not there.. dang it.. and the food was not as good as the previous time.. so it is kinda sianz..

220805-3After gettin our orders taken.. dearie gave me this face again.. that scheming face.. *tsk* *tsk* I know that face anywhere hor.. think you can scheme without me knowing??
220805-5I shoo-ed him off with a wave of my hand, telling him he lacks creativity.. he actually pulled out the chopsticks from its casing (this real pretty bamboo thing) and had a chopsticks fight with me.. haha.. the two of us are darn boliao, playing with chopsticks like kids like that.. but then we shld indulge once in a while mah.. plus it was a monday.. what better way is there to get rid of monday blues??

viet thai2Our food came soon and we had to end our fight without a winner.. I got my fav Pho Bo, which is beef noodles in soup.. I
viet thai3I ordered the set lunch, which consists of a main, a side dish and a drink for only 9.80++ so in addition to my phobo, i got my yummy prawn cakes.. actually abit bad that day, coz in my excitment, i forgot dearie could not have seafood due to his recent operation.. oppz..

viet thaiDearie ordered his fav fried rice and got deep fried tofu as his side..

As I had mentioned, the food that day was not as good as the first time round.. maybe coz the cute waiter was not there?? haha.. no lah..

My soup was not served pipping hot as the previous time.. and the beef slice that I had was kinda tough.. kanna the tendons part.. so sianz, dun really like places with fluctuating standards..

Dearie's fried rice was quite nice, but nothing really very special about it.. the fried tofu was pretty standard Vietnamese fare too.. the saving grace was my prawn cakes, which was as good as the previous time I had it.. yummy yummy, pippin hot and so crispy..

There was a funny incident that day though.. we were trying out the different chilli that the place had, and they had this sliced chilli with fish sauce.. normally dearie can take spicy food.. but that day, he was happily dipping, tryin out the chilli when he bite into a chilli seed.. as you guys should know, chilli seeds are one of the hottest part of the chilli (the hottest part is the white stuff surrounding the seeds, the supposed "placenta" of the chilli, or whatever they call it).. and he almost jumped.. it was so hot that he finished his drink in one mouth..

It was so funny to see him opening and closing his mouth.. I did try to help hor.. gave him my rice noodles.. then later got his some soy bean drink.. but it was still a darn funny sight.. his lips actually got abit red and swollen.. hahah.. orr bi..

Later when he kissed me, that's like after more than 15 min, I can actually still taste the hotness.. so next time, beware of the small chilli padi they serve in Vietnamese restaurants.

Dining experience: 5.5 out of 10

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Burnz said...

dear... u say me ... OR BI.... *sad*

Next time i gotta be extra careful when tasting those thing...


I had a wonderful lunch with u dear.

Jayce said...

haha.. next time i help u kiss away all the spiciness oki *muaaah*