Friday, August 12, 2005

Blogging with an Agenda

Heav'n hath no rage like love to hatred turn'd,
Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd.
(Hell hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned)
William Congreve, The Mourning Bride, III:2.

was reading through tristefemme's blog yesterday.. no point going over to the actual site now coz it's taken down.. the link is to the posting in Tomorrow

The blog is written by a 26 year old girl who got pregnant and dumped by her bf coz of her pregnancy. That ArseHole!!

The point of contention for many is that she revealed alot of things about him in the blog, that he was a '78 child, studied in a famous pri sch, went on to Dunman High, then a good JC, then a uni in the States, and is a SAF scholar. This guy's future is doomed already.. If there's one thing thing about the army, is that you cannot make a single mistake.. oh well.. if he is as bad as she had made out to her, wellz, he deserves it! But if it's something made up.. I sincerely apologise for any hurt that I may cause to the persons involved.

Anyway, looking through the different blog sites and comments, gotta know that he's a scout back in dunman.. hmm.. my senior leh, but I dunno many seniors.. actually can say I dunno any seniors, at most hi-bye friends.. but can easily check year book since she gave his initials.. and his ICQ nick. there are still pple using ICQ?! After meetin Darren over ICQ, I've stopped using it already.. not coz of him lah, but coz my comp crashed and I cant be bothered to download it again.. and that "uh-oh" is so irritating..

Many accused her of blogging with an agenda, blogging to destroy his life since he ruined hers. She did not choose abortion coz she's a Catholic. But i think the main reason is that she's 11 weeks pregnant already. That's already late in the abortion timeframe, coz by the time u see the doc, do all the necessary stuff, ur baby would be like 3 months old..

Then others blame her, saying it takes two hands to clap and such.. but if that guy did say what she said he said, then he's really an arsehole.. that he accused her of trying to get pregnant to tie him down, claimed that he like her to ejuculate in her, claim that she did not like using condoms.. err.. wrong channel.. ejuculating leh?? that's really for the guy. what the heck does that have to so with the girl?? Does he actually believe all the porn he had watch?? duh!If the guy wants to cum inside, then admit it. And he said those things in a counselling session.. err.. someone explain what's the meaning of private to this guy. It's not a sex issue counselling session, it's a counselling session to try to reconcil differences between the two parties and come to a peaceful solution.

And besides, she was on the Pill and she had some ovarian problems.. that shld had been more than enough to prevent pregnancy. But as always, Murphy's Law comes into motion.. what can go wrong will always go wrong..

Maybe she is wrong to publize his doings.. but if I were her, I would do the same thing.. I'm vengeful. I'm spiteful. but how can a guy be so irresponsible that he can even think of leaving someone jus cos she's having child? what kinda agenda did the guy have upon entering a relationship with her? If you do not love a person and want to spend the rest of your days with this person, why enter into a relationship with her? Coz it's free fuck? if it's free, then take lah.. Singaporean thinking mah.. (no insults to all the other great Singaporean guys out there.. but there's always bad weeds mah)

But keep in mind, we had not heard his side of the story, so I cannot really judge.. but I already did, haven I? I'm a girl for goodness sake, of course I stand on her side... And i'm having PMS now :Þ

and coz being a mother-to-be is tough.. She has to deal with all the hormonal changes in her body.. seen girls with PMS? i think pregnancy is definitely worse than that. Morning sickness, cravings, super acute sense of smell, tired legs, swelling breast (hmm.. that may be the only good thing.. 小S is E-cup already leh.. ooo.. haha.. wanting to be bigger is normal mah) and mood swings.. and that's least bit of her worries. She have to face the ultimate decision whether or not to keep the child. Ultimately the child is in the women's body, she will have to decide to carry the baby to term or to terminate it.

It's never easy to kill something, someone.. it's even harder when it's your child, whom you have with the man you love. And whom you thought love you back.

The girl is silly.. sleeping with a man who never once told her he loves her. But which one of us are not fools when we're in love? It's only when we're in a stable relationship do we somber up and see the big picture, learn and understand that love is not everything in life.

It's sad, but life is such. Love can never last, but relationships built on love, trust and friendship can.

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