Thursday, May 19, 2005

Reasons for Blogging

was thinking.. why do pple like to blog so much?? i came up with a few reasons, one of the reason that i came up with is that coz it's easier to type than actually using a pen to write.. writing with a pen is so much more tiring than typing, where u can go up to tons and tons of words per minute.. also writing with pen and paper is kinda restricting, depending on what kinda pen u're using and the paper u're writing on.. or maybe it's jus the way i write?? someone after one or two pages, my hands get tired and i give up.. but when i type, i can go on and on, as long as my brain can continue to churn out things for me to type

Also typing is so much neater, no messy illegible words and no smudges.. also there's always spell check and all the other great functions that helps u get every word rite.. but in many ways, typing is a very dry medium, we try to spice it up with emoticons, but still, it cant compare to a hand-written letter.. where u can see the effort that the other person puts in, the way he writes, how he tries to make it neat, then drawing of pics, adding stickers, perfume, etc..

The other reason why pple blog is coz most are like me, skiving at work.. trying to pretend that we are doing work.. but actually all jus blogging away.. the boss cant tell the difference (from his office) between u busily typing a report or typing out ur blog.. so, blogging is a good way to pretend that u're really hard at work.. keke

Another reason, all pple are attention-seeking creatures.. writing a diary restricts the number of pple that can actually read it, mainly jus u and whoever who happens to be in ur house and nosy enough to dig around ur room.. bloggin is different.. everyone and anyone can see ur blog.. go to a search engine, and they can find ur blog (provided they know what to look for of course).. All bloggers jus want people to see and read abt themselves, it makes them feel more important, like their lives really mean something.. (while most times, it really doesn.. who gives a fuck to what u say?!?)

But i like to browse blogs too.. those of pple i know and those really funny ones.. there are a few which goes on and on about which celebrity they hate, how bad so-and-so is and things like that.. it's really funny.. it made me wonder, since she hates them so much, why bother to talk so much about them?? why waste ur time on something u hate.. but that's the way they are, and they're entertaining, so who cares..

Life - Loathe it or ignore it, you cant like it.

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