Thursday, May 19, 2005

Let's jus see how

What's with that?? why cant pple jus say, sorry, not this time, or jus a simple no??? why must they always go, we'll jus see how?? which ultimately means NO?!? what's wrong with people these days.. is it so hard to jus say no?? when have everyone become so polite all of a sudden??

Or do they jus want to keep their options open.. A, "wanna go out this weekend?" B, "oh, we'll see how first"; B," eh, wanna go for a movie on sat??" C, "sorry i'm busy.."; B,"A, let's go out this weekend.." so the one who initiated the date became the backup plan, when the lead role is not free, backup comes up, that's why it's always "we'll see how first"..

Or they jus really dunno how to say no, and they think that saying, let's see how first is not as offensive as NO.. that may be true, but only for those who dun understand the meaning behind let's see how first.. and those poor souls would really think that the other person is considering when they are not at all.. the poor souls will be waiting and waiting for an answer that will never come.. .. ..

why give pple false hopes, make them think that something is possible when it's not.. .. .. ..

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