Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Good things

Xiao San Yuan
Xiao San Yuan!!! this is the second time I got this.. but this time round, it's even better coz it's hua shang, meaning it's an additional tai but zi mo!!! hahah.. if we never cap at 5 tai, I would had won like 600 plus dollars.. haha..

I shall not play mahjong anymore for the next month, I think I've probably used up all my luck already :p

My Juicy bags have arrived!!! so sososososososo nice!!! the 500 bucks is well spent, so is the 2 week's wait :)

And finally I'm on leave, can take a week's break at home.. work is just too damn stressful.. from 1 to 2 support, I ended up supporting 5 people, which is just crazy.. this break really came at a right time.. and I need the time to clean up the house, scruffy leaves her hair everywhere!!!

.. and it's time to go shopping!! no matter what, still need to buy clothes for the new year leh..  and gotta bring my juicy bags out.. hee...

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