Thursday, November 06, 2008

Will things really change?

I can't help drawing parallels, loads of people had great hopes when Taiwan President Ma came on board, but look what happened? It's difficult to clear up a 8-year mess left by someone else, it's not your fault but when people dun see change, they assume it's your fault. And when people said they're ready for change, are they really ready?

Everyone have high hopes for Obama right now, just how much can he deliver?? We'll see.. we'll see..

I heard a silly question on radio today.. "Would you care more about the US Presidential election or our local MP election?" Duh, was that even a question? Of course I'm more concerned about the US Presidential election, there's no need to ask at all, it's obvious. In the first place, how many of us have actually voted? How many of us are eligible to vote but was never able to exercise that right because somewhere, somehow, someone decided that we have the rights to vote but we should not vote coz we might be swayed by the idea of freedom and vote a rouge government into power.

Of course that someone did not put it in such terms, but I just can't help thinking that that's what the someone thinks.. To that someone, we're just children and freedom is like fire, useful but dangerous. Though it's been so long, we just cannot be trusted to think for ourselves, basically other than that someone and that someone's spawn, I guess the rest of us are just morons..

Well this particular moron and her husband had a taste of what real democracy is like when they were in Taiwan. Yes, we were there at the 1025 March and it's not as horrid as the news made it out to be. Ok, I admit I did not see the Singapore coverage of the news, but I did see the Taiwan news and it's really not a violent march at all. Television being television, it has to show people interesting stuff. So what they did was to pick out one small juicy incident then keep repeating it until the one juicy incident defined the whole event.

I can't say that's wrong coz it's what the audience likes to watch, the bottom-line is still the bottom-line. But when I was at the march, it felt more like a family gathering, people were having babies in strollers, doggies on lease, it's like one big carnival. Of course people were bitching about the government while marching but since when do we ever stop bitching? There were leaders rallying the crowds, shouting slogans and stuff, but all was done in an orderly manner and the only time when I got a hint to siam was when the train station personnel refused to let people into the station and the crowd got rowdy.

Protest, demonstrations, marches.. Are they really that evil?

Now why should I care more about the US Presidential elections? coz it will affect the world economy and eventually affect me. Like it or not, US economic policies affects us a lot. As for our local MP, erm.. let's see, they're useful when it comes to writing appeal letters, listening to ingrate residents complain about our wonderful HDB flats.

Oh I do know who my MP is, coz he have this banner right in front of my block and in that photo, he looks like Lee Bing Sian (my korean dream guy). He's really not that bad coz at least he bothered to reply my email (not a gushing email lah, I was giving feedback about cyclist on pedestrian walkways), though I find it weird that he kinda made a big hoo-ha over my feedback and everyone ranging from PUB, LTA to dunno-what started calling me.

It's nice to know that someone actually bothers to read my email, but they were kinda overreacting. I mean, most people dun start work till 9am, and I get a call from someone in the RC (?) at 7.30am?! Good thing I was still half asleep else I'll screw that guy, actually I really had no idea what he was talking about, I was just like ok, yes, ok, yes.. anything to get him put down the phone.. And it really doesn't help to know that they have this "we-value-your-feedback" kinda campaign going on then..

Everytime I go travelling, I can't help but notice how cultured other countries are. In Singapore, everything is about money, ERP, COE, is that all we have?

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