Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Taiwan taiwan.. part 1 day 1

The pictures are long overdue.. but considering the fact that I have not uploaded all my wedding photos, I think it's pretty good I got half the taiwan photos uploaded :p

Departure from Singapore by you.
Sleepy us at the airport..
*note to self: shall not take night flight anymore, it's too damn tiring...

081018 First Day in Taiwan by you.
Bridge to Danshui.. our home for almost 10 days :p Free-loader at my aunt's hotel.. no I dun wanna stay there in the future, she's nice but.. .. ..

081018 First Day in Taiwan by you.
At Beitou.. we look tired coz we are damn tired.. right off the flight we were all over taipei already..

081018 First Day in Taiwan by you.
Ah dear is greedy :p
I dun really like the ice-cream, it's not creamy, it's more like.. .. chewy?!

Beitou hotsprings..

 see anything??

 got heart!! can see?? we were happily eating the tou hua when we saw this heart-shape tou hua.. nice <3

I miss the tou hua, I miss the ya xue, I miss the bubble tea, I miss the bian dang.. I miss miss miss all the food!!!
Yah, I did put on weight when I got back.. my face round liao :(

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