Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Scary Age

You know you are at the scary age when you start looking through Friendster and you see all the lovely wedding photos in your friend's profiles.. It's sweet, it's lovely.. but it's...
I know I'm married but it never really hit me just how old I am right now, maybe I'm like my sister, always that flower in the greenhouse, protected and unable to grow up proper. I like being protected, I like to feel safe, but at the expense of what? Stunting my own growth and not being able to fulfill my full potential?
I've been with my co for more than 2 years already, still doing the same work over and over again, where's the prospects? Is it time that I reconsider and move on?
It's scary when you finally reach the age where you have to start thinking for yourself, planning for the future and making decisions. I always procrastinate when it comes to making decisions, maybe this is not the right time, maybe I can wait a little longer, I'm not feeling too well today, all these are bullshit and excuses. Now that I recognise them for what they are, am I doing something about it? No.. damn.. what the hell is wrong with me?

Sometimes it's difficult to want a simple life.. sometimes.. we should just take a break.. hmmm.. break.. that's what I need now, a time to be with myself.. .. ..

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