Monday, April 03, 2006

Health Minister vs SDP vs NKF

NKF issues on the table again..

This shall be interesting.. Last week SDP released a statement that they will contest in Sembawang that's led by Health Minister Khaw for they are very concerned over NKF issues.

Yesterday, Khaw said that he welcomes debates on NKF .

I'm sick and tired of the NKF issues, almost everything that can be picked apart is picked to bits already..

But this statement is a little..

"Who let the facts all come out, who organised the investigation?" asked Mr Khaw yesterday. "Who transformed the NKF? Who brought about the changes and who saved the NKF because it was at the risk of collapse?

Well, I don't think the ministry have much of a choice when the NKF incident came to a boiling point last year, there was so much public outcry about transparency that they had to come clean.

Investigations-wise.. After the initial reports, I really don't see much results. And TT Durai cannot be proscecuted as technically he did not do anything against the law, that's fine with me, he's smart, you gotta take your hat off him. But what is being done to prevent such incidents from happening again?

Who transformed NKF? Gerard Ee, not Khaw.

As I mention, I'm sick of NKF, it's such old news. I understand why SDP is using this as election campaign but it might really backfire on them. It's old news, people are tired of it already. And it shows what the opposition resorts to when it comes to campaigning.

But then again, if SDP focus on the issues behind the NKF incidence, maybe they can have a shot. Don't talk about the NKF thing, don't talk about Durai, talk about transparency, talk about checks in the system, talk about how we trust cannot trust people blindly.

Maybe then.. maybe.

Khaw is an interesting character, I'm impressed with him during the SARS period, when he was the acting minister. He proved himself then.. But honestly for the NKF, I don't think he did stepped up to it, or maybe he did not know what was happening. That's the problem with red tape, one single thing have to go thru too many hands and the urgency and seriousness of the problem gets lost.

Khaw vs SDP.. interesting fight.

I'm reserving my vote as of now.. I would really like to see what they can do... Come woo my vote :) I'm waiting :)


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