Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My love language

Inspired by Jun ^^

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Physical Touch
with a secondary love language being
Quality Time.

Complete set of results

Physical Touch: 9
Quality Time: 7
Receiving Gifts: 7
Acts of Service: 5
Words of Affirmation: 2


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

Actually heard about this first from my boss (I was angry with her yesterday, but I'm ok liao, I have a quick temper, easy come, easy go :p). It's really interesting, and I'm not surprised at my results.

Oh, Jun and I have the same results, and I bet Xuan would probably get the same results. We are all affectionate girls mah.

In my relationships, I always emphasize a lot of physical touch, to me, touching is a very intimate thing, that's why I don't like it when people I dun know well touching me.

Next is time spent together, so I need to see the person almost daily and be close to him, and that's the reason why I cannot have a long distance relationship. A week is the max I can go without seeing my other half, anything more than that and I will go crazy.

I always feel loved when I'm being held in my Ah Dear's arms.. I love it when he does the Artz hug :) After visiting Darren's dad the other day, I was pretty upset but when he gave me the Artz hug, everything became okay :)

Art is 亞斯 in case u guys dunno :p the 7th episode is out liao!! I wanna watch!!

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