Thursday, January 26, 2006

Vodafone 403SH

Now I like this new babe, black is boring on its own, but with the grey stripes, black is good :) too bad this phone can't be used in sg, and the specs are not enough to wow me. Still appearance-wise is good.
After browsing through hwz just now, I realise that my dream of having 904 is getting further and further away.. Coz Vodafone is clamping down on the unlocking of their phones, they even took actions against shops that offers unlocking services!! And I think they strengthen their software security protocols, so for the new batches of 903SH, those from November onwards, there's no way to unlock them.

Sianz half already lor, 903 is already problematic enough to unlock, and now the additional security features.. haiz..

904sh is rumored to be out in Q2 06, I hope something will be done by then so that I can lay my hands on this babe. After using a Japanese phone, there's no way I can go back to local phones.. It's just so not up to my standards, and I hate using the same phone as anyone else! I'm a mobile snob :p But I like it just so.

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