Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bored in Conference

At the end of the first day of my conference.. it's scary, my program runs from 8am to 8pm.. It's crazy.. I know that, I did up the agenda :p but that's what my big boss wanted.. what to do.

It's the first day and things are going on pretty well except that they went on and on and my agenda is screwed. Haiz.. it's always like that when it comes to conferences by my dept, agenda is just something to refer to and not followed. They will always change it last minute. Other than that and my boss asking for this and that and all things that are impossible. The worst thing is when you go thru hell to get the things she want, she will not use them in the end!! It always happens, that's why I never really try very hard to get the things she wants, coz there's a very high chance that she would not want it 10 minutes later. So in order not to be frustrated, I don't try too hard.

Fell sick last nite.. Something I ate did not agree with my tummy.. I was really really sick, I scared myself when I look into the mirror, I look like a ghost. Thank goodness I got my medication pack, so after medicine and rest, I'm much better already.
Just had dinner at Ñ Restaurant, it's this Spanish restaurant at Rockwell Mall. The food was pretty good, and we had the place all to ourselves ^^/ after the buffet dinner, we had a short ktv session :) it's was fun and I was being forced to sing.. no choice :P But still it's pretty fun :)

The whole dinner cost us almost 37k peso, pretty reasonable, works out to be about USD700, just nice in my budget :)

Holding a conference in Manila is really cheap, I have a 20k budget and so far I'm still below 13k :) cheap cheap :)

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