Friday, December 02, 2005

Godiva Chocolixir

godiva chocolixir2 Oh my gosh.. This is divine.. This is so so so good. I highly recommend it for people who are stressed out and need a chocolate fix fast.

This is the new Chocolixir series by Godiva and it's just heavenly. Without even trying, I knew it would be good as Godiva is just the best Belgium chocolate store you can find around. Prior to this lovely lovely drink, I've never tried Godiva before coz it's way way way too expensive. But surprisingly, this drink only cost 8 bucks, that's super cheap when you compare to the chocolates they are selling. And 8 bucks is about the price of a normal ice-blended anyway.

The name of the drink I had is Dark Chocolate Decadence. It sounds sinful, yet it tastes divinely so.. And seriously it's not that sinful, coz it's dark chocolate, no milk=no fats.

The drink was real good coz you can taste the bits of chocolate inside.. *yummy* and coz it's dark chocolate, it's really not too sweet, it's just right :) I can't describe in words how it tastes, all I know is that it's really really good and well worth the 8 bucks.

They have 2 more flavours for the Chocolixir series (It's really the elixir for me), white chocolate with raspberry and milk chocolate. They have much nicer names but I can't remember them right now, I'm too into my Dark Chocolate Decadence to remember anything else :p

They only have it at the Godiva at Citilink, so the next time you pass by, do go there, take a look and be tempted :p It's a temptation that is well worth it :)

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b.muse said...

*drools* sounds good!

It shall be on my 'must try' list! :)

Lionel Tan said...

$8 for me is $$$... :(

Jayce said...

8 bucks for half an hour of bliss.. definitely worth it :p much better than a movie, unless Takeshi is in it :p hor Jun ;)

b.muse said...

A cup of sinfully delicious Dark Choc: $8

A movie with cute Takashi in it: $8.50

A date with a buddy enjoying nice food AND eye-candy: priceless

Hee.. :p