Thursday, October 20, 2005

Girls and Weight

You can never separate these two from each other. We are constantly obsessed with our weights, hoping that lesser is better. Zhen worries about it, even Jun worries about it too.

Me? Of course I worry about it.. But I'm not so concerned about the actual number, more concerned about how my figure looks. I'm short already, if I'm fat, I'll become a round bouncing ball like what my grandparents used to call me when I'm young. No way, I don't wanna be short and fat and round.

And sometimes it's not that I'm not concerned, it's just that it takes too much effort to be concerned, so I don't bother about it. Too tired and it's too mafan. And these days, I really don't have to bother coz I hardly have time to eat with all the work piling up. It's amazing, I've stayed back till 9 for the past 3 days?!?! And I'm not getting any OT pay for them!! So lugi, but got things to finish, what to do leh.

And sometimes, concern can be thrown to the air when good good good food is presented in front of me. I was stuff to the hilt with foie gras yesterday. Never never had so much foie gras in my life and I can only say one word: SATISFIED. It was my big boss's birthday yesterday, so we went to this French restaurant over at Tanjong Pagar Road called André. It's one of those quaint little shophouse along Tanjong Pagar road. The food was really good. Shall write a review on it soon.

The best thing about the place is the foie gras. I've tried foie gras before, but it was dry and taste kinda nutty. The foie gras I had yesterday was different, it was lightly sauté so it's crisp on the outside and super soft on the inside. oo oo oo.. It practically melts in my mouth.. The texture is like the good quality pig's liver, very very soft and the taste is just exquisite.

But it's all fats.. But it tastes so good.. I had like so much foie gras yet I do not feel guilty at all coz it was really very good. You should never feel guilty for eating good food, that way it will spoil your enjoyment of the fine food.

Weight weight weight. My mei was amazed by me when she realise that my weight remained the same since secondary school till now. For a whole 8 years, my weight remained in the 38~40 range. Actually it's not really amazing since I've not grown taller either, so maintaining my weight is normal mah.

And my parents, keep telling me to eat more coz I'm skinny like a monkey (their words in hokkien). I'm not hor!! And I already ate a lot. Serious. I take all my three meals, and sometimes more than 3 meals a day. It's not like I starve myself on purpose. Even if I don't eat on time, I will eventually eat.

Weight is not only about input, it's also about output. If the output is less than input, of course you'll gain weight. I like to think that I have a very good output system. It's good to make outputting a habit. (hmm.. outputting is such a funny word.. haha) Go every morning, make it a habit, it's good for your body. I've learnt that in Uni. That's the time where I lost the most fats (from various parts of my body, not talking about weight here) and that's the time where I developed this habit.

Nowadays, I can go like 2~3 times a day and it's normal for me. But bear in mind different people have different bodies, the number of times they output can differ by quite a lot. The main thing is you are comfortable with it, it does not cause you any excessive pains, it's probably good for you.

There have to be a balance, input more and you will definitely need to output more.

Life is about balance.


b.muse said...

*puzzled* U mean u can "output" as and when u like?? :p Haha ya la it's a constant battle tat I suppose every gal goes thru in varying extents. Bah.

Anonymous said...

i try to output every morning too, but sometimes not really successful

or if you want to eat more, can exercise more. i try to run and cycle every other day, so i can eat loads and loads of chocolate, guilt-free!

Jayce said...

jun:: erm, more or less ba.. it's like when a certain hour comes, I can always go :p haha.. wo you lian guo wor.. hee

tian:: must jiayou jiayou. This method is good for me coz I dun like to exercise..hee.. I always hated sweating :p