Monday, September 19, 2005

People Say Cafe @Marina Square

Jus went over to People Say cafe after lunch for a cuppa and I must say this is really a very nice place.

This cafe was jus on tv last weekend, and after lunch over at Waraku (nice nice too, though it's abit on the pricey side), we went up to People Say cafe for their ginseng coffee..

I passed by the place a couple of times but only last weekend after the tv show did I realise that it's a Korean lifestyle cafe. The decor is the normal cafe styles, with round tables and chairs, and coach seats over at the side. Other than the constant playing on Korean music videos on the tv screens and the wall full of posters of Korean stars.

Me and my boss had the Ginseng latte, mine the pure tea version, whilst hers is the Ginseng caffe latte. Also got the Walnut cheesecake..

They have this teatime set which is a free Americano with every purchase of cheesecake. The price is pretty reasonable, with cheesecake going for around 5 bucks. For the Ginseng latte, just top up another 90 cents. So we spent less than 10 bucks there.

The latte was good, it wasn't overpowering. My boss also said that she liked her ginseng caffe latte :) The walnut cheesecake was really good.. the cheese is damn smooth, together with the crunchy walnut, it was a very good combination. I have'nt had such good cheesecake for quite some time already, it's much better than NYDC and Bakerzin.. and much cheaper!

The ambience of the place is really good, very relaxing and the simple decor adds on to the relaxed feel. The staff was good too.. there was only a guy working there when we went in, but he was darn friendly, very courteous and provided very good service. It also helps that he's kinda cute :p hee.. but too young for me already, just nice for mei though.. hee

I'll definitely recommend this place on weekdays, coz it's pretty empty and one can totally relax there. But if you're interested in learning Korean , weekends is a good time to go as they provide free Korean lessons!

Dining experience: 7.5 out of 10

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