Friday, September 23, 2005

If I can't even learn to love myself, who will?

Something right, something wrong.. who decides what's right or wrong?

I was upset, not coz of no show, but coz you didn't bother to tell me earlier. Being hard at work is not an excuse. It's basic courtesy to call beforehand. I dun mind if you're unable to show up, I mind when you did not call ahead.

I hate changes in plans, I hate hate hate last minute changes in plans. At least msg me and tell me that you might not be able to make it.

How did you expect me to feel??

These feelings were not from that incident alone.. ..

You said you remembered, but did you do anything? or even said anything to the effect? No. Might as well forget it. All I wanted was a word, a phrase, a hug. It's not even a year.

I tried to call, you were busy, the mood to talk had passed. I need my rest. I need my sleep.

Everything is I, I, I.. I'm selfish, I knew that from the day I could remember. The person I've always loved most is myself. Me, myself and I.

If I can't even learn to love myself, who will?

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