Thursday, August 18, 2005

Celebration Time.. for fiak?

Celebration Time -TODAY

erm.. celebration time for what? Tiger time? Calsberg time? oh.. oh.. my mistake, it's celebration for our S R Nathan to be re-elected..

eh, wait a minute.. re-elected meaning there's an election.. hmm.. I dun remember voting.. die liao die liao.. according to the Singapore constitution, every Singaporean over the age of 21 must vote, else we face unwanted consequences.. like revoke of citizenship.. {ok the part of revoking is what I remembered from a very long time ago.. if one refuses to vote for like 2 times in a roll, the government have a right to revoke the citizenship.. But I may be wrong, so please correct me..}

Die, got election and I never vote.. what will happen to me?? *panics* *runs around like a beetle in a room* {u know those brown ones that bumps into every single corner of the room??}

*voice of sanity* There was no election.. no voting.. it was a walkover..

*phwee* what a relief, thank god I did not miss out voting.. But come to think of it, I've never voted before.. general elections came and it was walkover.. now presidential elections came, and it's still a walkover.. chey.

Switch on the tv today and all I saw was Nathan was re-elected to be our President for the next 6 years! yeah!! Everyone was so happy and delighted!! Haha my foot..

First of all, I find it funny that he was "re-elected".. coz he was never elected in the first place, it was a walkover 6 years back. And it was still a walkover now.. how can they say he's elected then??

oh maybe they meant that he's being elected by the Presidential Election Committee.. which happens to consist of only 3 person.. So the opinion of 3 people represents the whole of Singapore, that's so amazing.. the 3 person actually knows what the whole of Singapore wants.. wow.. are they like the Minority Report guys..

Of course not Tom Cruise, if they like him, I'll happily accept anything they dish out.. hee.. but make sure they hold many many press conference and maybe even life conference where the public can participate so that I can look at them all day long :p

I meant they're like the 3 precogs, they can "see" the future.. They can "see" what the rest of Singapore wants.. haha.. I know I'm making a sweeping statement, they're there to judge if the hopefuls are eligible, whether they are capable of handling our 161b in reserves and if they are of good character.

I seriously dun mind the PEC judging the hopefuls in terms of financial ability, coz that's something which most of us are not able to judge due to lack of the financial-know-how and the access to confidential documents like appraisals and etc. So the PEC is there for a good reason.

As for judging their characters, that I have a bone to pick. Who are they to judge when it comes to character? are they of such high moral standards that they have the ability to do so? and when I say high moral standards, whose standards are we talking about? Of good character, that's such a subjective term. Everyone has a different opinion of that. It's not something one person said and everyone shld accept it, unless that person happens to be Confucius.. even then the Westerners might not agree to what he says.

Look at Bill Clinton, the Intern thing (haha.. coz I cant spell her name).. so cant really say he had very good moral standing.. but who can say he's not a good president? He pulled US out of the slums, reduced the budget deficit, fixed relationships.. and all those without a need to fight a war. Too bad Al Gore lost coz of that silly silly electoral vote..

Oh wellz, shit happens, what can we do?

Back to the part on PEC and moral standings.. who are they to judge, aren't we, the citizens, in a better position to judge? Fear that us voters are not smart enough to judge for ourselves? please have abit more faith in us. Or change the consitution so that voting becomes voluntary, and so instead of forcing us to choose between 2 evils, we can actually choose to vote or not to and to really only vote when we believe in someone.

Was looking through different blogs and I found this.. Does PAP Know its Own People?

"Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has even publicly asked that Mr Kuan's former employers to stand out and share what they know about him.

Does this mean that within the PAP party, no one knows his background and character well enough?

I have always been under the impression that PAP scrutinises its candidates thoroughly and even entry as a member of the ruling party is no mean feat.

Mr Kuan is also Treasurer of a Citizens' Consultative Committee (CCC) for five terms and Town Councillor of a PAP Town Council.

These are not positions easy to climb up to."

Interesting.. I've thought about this point and he put them into words for me.. It's not easy to get in PAP. One have to be very active in grasroots activities and have a very clean background plus knowing the right people in the right palces. So the backstabbing (to me only..) within PAP is shocking..

If the PAP cant trust their own people, why appoint him to be a Treasurer in the first place? and if he's incompetent like what JTC said, why let him stay on for 5 terms? funny rite? I can understand giving someone a second chance, but giving 5 chances? that's a little too much already..

Hmm.. I should start looking for a job in JTC or PAP, even if I cant do shit, they'll keep giving me chances to improve :) what more do you want in an employer. Shall remember to vote them as Best Employer of the Year :)


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